Chinese Wooden Horse

Happy New Year! Today marks the first day of the year of the wood horse. This year should be a interesting year for all. Since, the element is wood; determination, drive, patience, sexuality, passion, hard work, flexibility, money, anger, and leadership all come into play this year. The horse being the animal representing this year will be a year of adventure, fast movement, wildness, intelligent moves, hard work, passionate love affairs, and looking for greener pasture. This will be a good year for us Sagittarius since the centaur represents us. Expect a year full of surprises, opportunities, success, road blocks finally breaking apart, love affairs breaking away and making new for a more stable commitment. Those Sagittarius born with a lot of earth in their charts expect a year with some challenges but you over coming every single one of them with a huge smile. Life as you know it will and is changing. HAPPY NEW CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!


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