Compassion in July

July has arrived with the loudest bang thus far this year. Can you believe we are 7 months into the year? What a year it has been with so many changes, so many endings, and now it’s time for new beginnings. July is bringing us intense energy we all must work with. This energy is not for the weak of heart or mind! You gotta buckle down and get ready for the whirlwind that is July. 

We start with Mars entering Leo on July 1st. The Martian energy actually loves Leo’s exuberance. It feels quite at home here and it’s going to amplify it’s stay until August 18th. Do be prepared for egos to be overly inflated, for stubbornness to outweigh anger, for lies to penetrate your ears, and for people to be flaunting themselves in order to get your attention. The good thing about Mars in Leo is the amount of work you will get done when it comes to your desires. Not being swayed out of your desires and most importantly going after your desires no matter what it may cost you. Stalking will be a big theme during this time as well as envy and jealousy. 

The next day(2nd of July) we have our new moon in Cancer which is also a total solar eclipse. This energy is always felt a few days before and continues on until the full moon which is a partial lunar eclipse. You will read so much information about this eclipse and you won’t know what to do with it. I am here to say do whatever you are intuitively guided to do. This eclipse is bringing up people’s own emotions, their own fears, their own wants, in other words it’s all about you. How are you handling your emotions? What repressed emotions have you not worked through or healed? Psychic visions galore, bizarre dreams, intuition being heightened, nostalgia being felt, jealousy surfacing, and wanting to protect those you care about will be felt as well. Moments of feeling like you want to nurture something or someone will strike you into action. Wanting to express your feelings and actually doing it are two likely scenarios but actually going through with it still remains to be seen. My guidance is drink lots of water, go outside and ground, and care for yourself while shielding and protecting yourself from those low vibrational beings. 

Venus enters Cancer the very next day(3rd of July)adding on to these Cancerian feelings. Venus will remain there until 26th so at least it’s a short stay but it’s making us very aware of our feelings. The total solar eclipse brought all these feelings up to the surface and the new moon made us feel it intensely and deeply. Plus, the sun is in Cancer and Mercury will be joining in on the fun during its retrograde dance also in Cancer later on this month. What all this means is there will be nowhere to hide now and your feelings will break free from the restraints you had them in. They will want to be expressed, nurtured, and be made to feel safe. Bouts of jealousy will happen, being overprotective will be a nuisance to some, while others might eat their feelings away. Past loves will resurface, nostalgia will have you wondering where did it go wrong with a lot of things from your past, but yet this energy isn’t about fixing the past but making peace with it and learning from it so as not to do the same thing again. Remember you can never go back to what was but you can learn from what it was in order to make it a better present and future. Cancer is the one sign that holds on for what seems like forever but when it let’s go it not only does it free itself but it frees those things and people it was holding onto. Starting over is never a bad thing and at times when the past comes back it just affirms it was in fact meant to be but NOW is the right time for things to be. 

Mercury retrogrades on the 7th in Leo causing all of us to stop in our tracks. Everything you were ignoring in order to get your way will now come slapping you in the face demanding it’s time. Leo is a fixed sign meaning it can be very fixated in the things it desires and wants and being very relentless in getting what it wants. Now, with Mercury retrograding it’s causing us to see the complications in getting what we want, how we are going about it, and if in fact this is what we want. Those lies you were speaking and the flaunting you were doing will all be front and center for all to see. The good thing here though is again hard work pays off, being humble will help you along quicker, and your insatiable curiosity will lead you down some roads you never knew existed. So, pick up your head and let out that roar and follow your instincts during this time. 

The full moon on the 16th is a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn and what a moon it will be. This moon will highlight work, home, family, money, and love basically everything we all are always concerned about. This moon is asking you are you happy in these areas of your life and if you are not what are you doing to fix this? What have you done to bring about the happiness that you so desperately want? Have you been leading per example or solely by ego? This moon also brings surprises, blessings, and miracles seemingly out of nowhere. It’s also going to push you into leaping out of your comfort zone and rewarding you handsomely for taking that leap of faith. Plant those seeds you have been wanting to plant because now is the time to think of the rest of the year and how you will end it. Also, this eclipse is pushing you to act on your feelings and intuitive insights you received during the total solar eclipse. 

On the 19th Mercury shifts out of Leo and into Cancer to continue it’s retrograde dance. You thought those feelings went away? Think again! They are back and they are not going anywhere. Connections you thought you lost or weren’t feeling anymore will come knocking on your door. Surprises from the past will be banging on your door as well. The spiritual realm will be heightened and paranormal activity will be visible besides being felt. Spiritual work will increase, visions will be vivid, dreams will be bizarre but filled with answers, and messages from those who crossed over will not be ignored. Everyone will be in their own feelings and wanting someone to share them with. So, do your best to be conscious and aware that everyone does have feelings and everyone is entitled to feel how they feel. Find the compassion in you in order to understand what is going on. Put yourself in others shoes and you will see that you aren’t the only one with feelings.

Now, to close off the month and I hope everyone has been surviving and doing their best to continue forward with all the intense energy we are experiencing thus far. Venus enters Leo on the 27th and will remain there until August 21st. Desires, needs, and wants will be on everyone’s mind. A lot of people will be doing themselves over for example doing makeovers, beautifying their homes, doing something that they always wanted to do, and fulfilling those sexual desires will be a must. Lust will be confused with love which can cause a lot of complications people won’t want to deal with. Egos will be flaring, being humble will go out the door, and making sure the person you desire notices you and only you will be on the agenda. This also goes with work, friends, and family wanting what you want will cause you to do things you perhaps never thought you would do to attain your desire. Just remember what goes around comes back around. 

Finally, on the 31st of July we have two big shifts happening. First, Mercury stations direct in Cancer bringing much needed alleviation but yet Mercury remains in Cancer until August 11th. So, we aren’t in clearing when it comes to our emotions and how we are expressing them but at least we are just now being more conscious of them. The second big thing is the black moon in Leo. In other words our second new moon of the month. If for some odd reason you been hiding and avoiding everything this month this black moon will strike you on the ass and have you running out in hysterics. Bringing everything up you thought you were hiding; those skeletons in the closet will be dancing loudly for all to see. For those of you have been braving the energies of the month this your time to bask in the glory and to make a wish because you will get it. The beautiful thing is you won’t be waiting long for it to come to be. Write those desires down and burn it so the Universe can take over and deliver them when they must be delivered.

Pat yourself on the back! You survived this month! The insanity is well worth it and your reward is this new beginning you were desiring back when the ball dropped on New Year’s. Celebrate! It’s your time to SHINE!


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