May 5th is a day of change no matter how you cut it or avoid it. The day adds up to 5 and in the numerology world 5 not only brings change but it also gives us curiosity and wanting to explore it. Now, in terms of astrology we have the Nodes of Fate changing on this day as well. For the past year and half they have been in Cancer and Capricorn and now will be shifting to Gemini and Sagittarius.

The year and half that the nodes were in Cancer and Capricorn we were all dealing with the mother/father dynamics while our house and monies were in the forefront as well. Whatever strides and changes you made will now be amplified by the child/teacher dynamics. If you had a hard time during that year and half but manage to grow in that time frame then do know it was all worth it. It showed you areas in your life that were impacted by your parents and how you still dwell in that energy and allow it to lead you now. If for some reason you kept in denial then do know that this next year and half won’t be an easy one at all. When you have Gemini and Sagittarius showing the way being in denial won’t serve you at all. 

At this time please keep in mind the more you are in truth the more this transit will favor you. The more lies you tell yourself the more your life is going to get complicated. You must be asking yourself but how; so, let me tell you how. Your inner child will reflect all your insecurities at this time. You won’t be able to blame your parents no more and you will have to own up to what is your trauma. Of course you don’t have to do shit and you can keep going about your life however you choose. However, you will start to notice that people are treating you in a manner that you can not deny anymore. Meaning they will treat you with all your fears at hand. The thing is that these people, situations, and places are all from your many different past lives. So, yes you will meet soul mates, karmic mates, and even a twin soul(flame) but at what cost? If you did some good healing work than these soul mates, karmic mates, and twin soul(flame)will take on a much deeper meaning.

During this time also education, travel, communication, and clear vision will be on everyone’s mind. As we are noticing though traveling nowadays comes at a cost yet we are in the Age of Aquarius so, travel is going to change drastically. Communication will change as well along with education. Everything as we knew it to be will now be different. Childhood memories will come up, old ways of when we were all children will come up also, and the times of old will come up as well. All this old has to come up in order for us to see how it does not serve in the here and now. If there is one thing Gemini and Sagittarius does do well is to be in the here and now. Even though Gemini bores more easily in the here and now and loves to move on fairly quickly Sagittarius is there to remind how being present in the present is more adequate.

I am here to say just enjoy this time. Play with children. Remember what it was like to be a child. Heal your past which includes this life time not just previous ones. Do not get lost in the past but do acknowledge it, let it go, forgive it, and heal it. Take some classes. Do some traveling. But most importantly live your life and be present in the here and now 🙂

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