On the 14th, our new moon and the last (total solar) eclipse of the year will be in Sagittarius. This moon is an amplifier to November’s full moon lunar eclipse, which happened at the end of the month. During that moon we all received messages and a lot of them were in truth while others were not. It was up to you to know which messages were divine (in truth) and which were false (in fear). This solar eclipse is giving us the strength to keep on moving forward with optimism and hope. Working with the colors red, purple, and silver would be beneficial in your work today. Daydreams and dreams will give you all the answers that you need.

Working with the fire element is essential today as it will give not only your rituals power but it will also give you the empowerment you need in order to continue forward. Release, yourself from whatever lies you have been holding onto and release yourself from those who have been lying to you. This total solar eclipse is about setting yourself free, about empowering yourself, and if you find yourself alone during this time it’s exactly what you are needing to do in order to receive the visions, guidance, and intuitive insights your soul needs. Let go of all fear, call back all your energy, call back all of your power, and engulf yourself with your energy, strength, and power for you are being liberated from all past bullshit.

Happy New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

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