On the 29th, we have our last full moon of the year in Cancer. This moon is the moon to bring it all together. This moon is going to show us all what the year 2020 truly was about. It’s like putting a video cassette (remember those?) in a VCR and rewinding it. Your mind and heart will do the rewind, and if you missed something this moon will grant you the opportunity to grasp it once again. A long awaited wish will occur with this moon. A feeling of safety and protection will be felt. Dreams will be lived out in our waking hours. Now that our dreams are a reality it will help us in this process of our new life.

Silver and white candles will be great to use for this full moon. Doing a relaxing bath with some Himalayan Pink Salt will be beneficial. Charge all your crystals, cleanse your house, and prepare a nice home cooked meal. Drink lots of water and sleep if you are being nudged to do so. Relax, during this moon because the energy is powerful since it’s helping us all to purge and shed in order to be in our new lives. 

Dreams and psychic visions will occur both during sleep time and waking hours. Pay attention to them and perhaps write them down. It’s okay if you don’t know; just be open to the visions coming in and be at peace. This full moon is shifting us into a higher vibration and frequency so, if all you do is rest don’t worry about it. You are being upgraded. 


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