Dreamy February


I would like to start first by acknowledging the fact that I am creating my article so late in the month. Our new moon in Aquarius came and went while Venus made herself comfortable in Capricorn the day before. We started the month with some interesting energy and we will finish it just the same. The eclipses from January brought many surprises, endings, and beginnings. January was definitely a month of shock where some of us were left gasping for air. Now, with February here January seems like it happen ages ago. The energy is so much more different now which isn’t a bad thing. Always, remember to see the blessings even when it hurts and it looks bad. The blessing is there.

On February 3rd we had Venus enter Capricorn until the 28th. The energy here is all about partnerships which are long lasting. Venus likes it here; she feels the safety, warmth, security, stability, but most importantly the long term commitment. Partnerships of all kind were highlighted, shown, and presented to us. We are all assessing those who we have commitmented to, who we are commitmenting to, and deserve our commitment. This energy is a no nonsense frequency; you are being made to see your partnerships and also how you are in a partnership. What no longer serves you is no longer serving. What does serve you is being thrown at your face. Do yourself a favor and don’t wallow in this energy either because the opportunity to make strong commitments will pass you by.

February 4th was our new moon in Aquarius. Here we were working with electrifying energy. We were to spark our intent up and see it soar up into the sky. It took flight while we remained grounded. Flashes of insight and future events were shown to us but whether we believed it or not still remains to be seen. How much did you believe in the visions being given? Did you have this inner knowing things would be going down the way that they are now? Everyone’s intuition was heighten but some are seeing it more as paranoia because they are not ready to handle the high frequency we are working with. Some people still are very much in high ego while others are resisting the change we are all going through at this very moment. Go with the flow and allow your intuition to lead the way.

Mercury on the 10th entered Pisces and will remain there until April 16th. We will experience our first retrograde of the year in March when Mercury starts it’s backward motion in Pisces. So, what does this mean? Well, the Mercurian energy here is quite wishy washy. Mercury energy is of logic and action while Pisces is of dreams and comfort. So, how exactly does this energy work for us. It works in the sense where curiosity leads while our imagination is running wild. So, one must ground yet again. Explore your curiosity while reigning in your imagination. Don’t get to comfortable with only imagining and not taking action steps towards this vision. Remember the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” but cats are known to have 9 lives. You will be given chances to explore, to communicate what you are feeling, but most importantly to see your imaging come to be. Work on this vision now before Mercury retrogrades(not that it won’t come to be)but once the Rx happens emotions, patience, jealousy(envy), and control will be a factor. Get all your brainstorming done now before next month.

On the 14th of February besides it being Valentine’s Day for some we also have Mars entering Taurus. This energy will also be conflicted in sense that Mars is about impulse and action and just getting what one wants as opposed to Taurus energy where slow and methodical gets you further and it gives you what you want for the long haul. Determination and patience is our friend with this conflicting energy. One must think not for the short term but for the long term. Not give up but continue forward knowing hard work not only pays off at the end but it’s so rewarding when it does pay off. Ground yourself and don’t let others’ impatience and aggressiveness get the best of you and your plan.

Finally, our full moon for February is on the 19th in Virgo. Giving us that grounding energy we so need. A lot of us are all over the place and grounding is key to set these long term commitments into forward motion. Our Virgo full moon should be utilized for our benefit in our creations. If you want to cleanse; cleanse. If you want to set intentions; then do so. The moon’s energy should be utilized the way you see fit and feel guided to do. Brown, green, and pink candles can be used, being in nature would be great, and perhaps doing some sort of mud bath or a mud mask would be even cooler. The point is to ground and stay grounded. Think long term; write your commitments down, write your plan down(step by step)and bury it. Trust in the Universe.

This month is all about dreaming, about being commitmented to your dreams, and what you are doing to materialized them. Don’t let the opportunities pass you by and don’t let the naysayers bring you to their vibration. Stay vibing high and ride the wave of a higher frequency. You got this. This is what you have been working for you. Create your life and don’t let anything deter you.

One more thing it is now the year of the Earth Pig. So, oink oink baby. It’s all for the taking. You can and will have it all but first some hard work has to be done so you can roll in the mud filled with happiness 🙂



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