Emotional May

May is upon us now bringing us insights we aren’t even aware of yet. If you thought these past four months were life altering it’s nothing compared to this month’s energy shift. We start May with three planets retrograding making us all aware of things we perhaps have been brushing under the rug or simply did not take into consideration. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all doing their backwards dance causing all of us to do inner and outer work in order to keep evolving and shifting. Healing is the main focal point in everyone’s life at this very moment. There is no avoiding it; you are being made aware of your shadow and follies. So, do yourself a favor and delve deep into your healing. Do not repress it any longer; instead embrace the dark side and allow it to show you the light.

May 4th is the new moon in Taurus bring us grounding energy. Helping us to focus on our relationships. Where you have been comfortable doing the same ole same ole this moon is making us see where shifts must be made. Comfort levels are being targeted in order to even see if we are comfortable in our relations. What must change in order to bring healing and have our desires manifested. Where have we been indulging and where have we been stubbornly not changing. This moon’s energy is not about remaining comfortable but it is about making changes that make us uncomfortable in order to bring in those positive changes we so longingly desire.

On the 15th we have two planets shifting and bringing us energy we perhaps won’t know what to do with. On this day we have Venus shifting into Taurus causing our impulsiveness from her being in Aries to be more grounded. Indulgence, comfort, desire, but most importantly our wants will be prevalent. Who we want will be known to the world and there will be no doubt about it. What we want in our relations will also be known and there will be no doubting it. Whether those people and the things we want agree is where the dilemma lies. Taurus is known throughout the world of astrology as the most stubborn of them all. We gotta remember Taurus is a fixed sign with that being said what this means is they fixate on something or someone for a every long time. In all honest only they can get themselves out of this state of fixation once they see that perhaps that it isn’t what they want. Yet, at the same time if this is what they want then they will go through any length to get what they want. It does not matter what others say to them; their determination outweighs anything anyone says or does. Do prepare yourself for this energy shift because we all will be fixated during this time and we won’t be satisfied until we get what we want.

This same day we have Mars shifting into Cancer adding on to the Venus energy in Taurus. How to describe this energy for us all? I would say put on your scuba gear and make sure it’s fireproof even if that isn’t a thing. Everyone will be fueled during this time and the fueling is not surface. Insanity will ensue which cause emotions to wash over us. If you thought Mars being in Gemini was rough it’s nothing compared to Mars being in Cancer. Yes, people are being nasty with their words at this very moment which is causing the majority to be impulsive with their words bringing on those arguments. Once, Mars leaves Gemini and shifts into Cancer it’s our emotions which will be the cause of whatever arguments come up. Right now with Mars in Gemini our thoughts are all over the place and we can’t just pinpoint one thought. We want to say all of our thoughts and we are; which is causing the discomfort so many are experiencing at this moment. I am here to say though do your best to reign in your thoughts because our emotions are up next. With Mars in Cancer we will be fueling our own emotions and they will be spilling into our everyday living. We will also be experiencing psychic awareness and our intuition will be heighten. Jealousy will be a BIG thing, being overly protective, territorial, and possessive will be felt as well. Watch your emotions because you WILL act on them and you might even scare yourself from how you are reacting.

During this time grounding and water meditations is advised. Do remember Venus also rules Taurus so she is at home here. Self care and nurturing should be done during her stay for the next few weeks. Do your best to not overeat on sweets or very savory foods but do indulge yourself in self care and beautifying yourself. Perhaps, a makeover will suit you. As far as Mars in Cancer I would recommend doing a lot of baths, spending time near bodies of water, doing water meditations, and being honest with yourself when it comes to your feelings. Also, learn to protect, shield, and clear yourself of others emotions and psychic thoughts. For those of you who have latent psychic abilities this will be the time of awakening for you.

Lastly, on May 18th we will have our full moon which will be another cusp moon. In astrology you will read it’s a Scorpio moon meanwhile some calendars are saying it’s a Sagittarius moon. In reality it’s a cusp since the moon is shifting from Scorpio into Sagittarius. So, in other words this moon is a shadow moon also known as a dark moon. Jealousy, magick, and sex is all this moon is bringing up. Our thoughts and feelings will be dark causing us to erupt. We gotta do our best to find a good outlet for them and not take it out on someone who isn’t even cause for our feelings or thoughts. BUT most importantly what this moon is asking us to do is to own up to our feelings and thoughts. Not be afraid of them but actually learn from them. Dive deep into our being and understand why we are feeling what we are feeling. Learning how to express our feelings is the highlight of this moon. Creativity, cooking, and love making will help with the energy of this moon. Candles to work with would be black, purple, and red. Doing a bath would be great while also meditating on sacral and brow chakra will help anchor our emotions.

May is definitely a month of intense emotions which can have us either going insane or giving us the courage to go after who or what we want. Grounding exercising will help so much this month and just finding creative ways of expressing ourselves will be beneficial as well. Remember to breath and also keep in mind everyone has feelings. Namaste

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