End of the Year of Horoscopes

Aries: This year taught you about bullying and victim hood. Not everything was meant to be fought. You learned you can’t always win. At times is best to lose and learn from your mistakes. Its okay to be a victim once in awhile. Reflect this night all of your outbursts and make a promise to yourself about control. Even the God of War lost many of battles.

Taurus: This year taught you change and balance. You had to learn change is a good thing. Moderation should have been key. Tonight make it a point to moderate yourself.

Gemini: The year brought to your attention your money habits. Whether you over spend or became frugal was your on going battle. Next year try to save your money, instead.

Cancer: The year taught you control in all aspects of your life. Didn’t it feel great not over doing? Keep it up, Cancer; for the new year brings you great rewards ๐Ÿ™‚

Leo: I hope you watched your health this year. Learn to accept your intuitiveness. With your health and intuition in balance you can accomplish great things in the new year.

Virgo: The year taught you not to be so quick to judge and fear. Your quick mind took you out of many sticky situations. You had to learn to trust on others. Don’t let your analytically mind override your intuition in the new year.

Libra: Did you realize what a magician you were this year? Did you realize you created everything that happen to you? All the negative and positive you made happen. How will you ring in this new year tonight? Mind over matter charming Libra ๐Ÿ™‚

Scorpio: 2012 was about getting rid of the old. The new year brings you brand new things. Don’t linger in the old anymore but instead relish in the new things that 2012 did bring you ๐Ÿ™‚

Sagittarius: 2012 was a year of pure energy. Like the magician you can manipulate anything; and HOW you discovered this to be true. How will you ring in the new year? In a bad or good mood?

Capricorn: Your year was about planning and constructing. You realized what was solid and what was flimsy. You made way for stronger foundations for the new year!!! Slow, steady, and patience are your fuel!!!

Aquarius: 2012 was learning & accepting yourself. Who you are and you can offer. Loving yourself in order to be loved. Over thinking got you nowhere but feeling got you everywhere. Its your time now; with the new age here you will see how much the universe loves you, dear Aquarius!!!

Pisces: 2012 was about action. You learned to take the initiative this year. Not to second guess yourself. Life is about living it not dwelling in it. May the new year bring you everything you deserve!!


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