The month of romance has arrived with the hope of romantic bliss! People everywhere are experiencing a rapid awakening. Urging them to be one with themselves and to not allow themselves to be distracted in these times of change. Some will have love on the mind while others will have many things on the mind other than love. February will be the month we will all look back, as the month that started all the necessary changes in our metamorphosis. The changes that are and will continue to occur during this month will not necessarily be unexpected, but they will be shocking.

On the 1st, we have the planet of love entering Aquarius until the 24th. While Venus is in Aquarius expect a sudden turn of events in the love department. Feeling drawn to others and wanting to connect with them will have some investigating all there is to know in order to seal the deal with their interest. You would think Venus being in Aquarius will be all about setting yourself free from a relationship, and this will be true for some. However, for others that won’t be the case. Instead, the need for connection will take precedence and making the right connections for further development will be of the utmost importance. Do be careful though that manipulation, competitiveness, and judgement does not get the best of you when trying to accomplish what you set out to do.

On the 7th, we have True Node quintile Chiron giving us a liberation of a wound we have been carrying for what feels like forever. Now, is the time to set yourself free from this old wound which has been holding you back in fear. However, don’t get it twisted, this liberation comes at a price. The price is the explosion that will ensue in order to be liberated. You see in order to set yourself free and to truly heal from this wound, the trigger has to be stirred in order for it to be purged out. Anger has its place and its time and the place and time is now. 

On the 9th, Saturn sextile Chiron gives us a friendly reminder of why it is we are healing ourselves. The day’s energy has a feeling of relief from old burdens. Some might even want to go running with their arms up in the air and shouting with joy from the lightness they are feeling. It feels like a gust of wind came rushing in and wiped away things that we have been shouldering for others. Now is the time to let go of what is not yours with awareness and consciousness and keep it moving forward. Do right by you today.

The new moon in Aquarius is on the 11th and what a powerful moon it will be! At this time we find ourselves in a seven stellium Aquarius energetic alignment. What does this mean for our new moon? Well, it means you better think outside of the box and set your sight high. No holding back with today’s rituals, for today is the day to bring your future into the present moment. Timeline jumping is very probable and getting what we want is much nearer than it seems. So, let go of all attachments and expectations and let the Universe do what it does best. The surprises in store will leave no room for misinterpretation. Working with the colors blue and white will help amplify the electric charge in the air. 

The 17th Saturn square Uranus in cross-purpose on how to get something done. The struggle is not on the what but on the how in getting it done. Saturn in Aquarius is not hindering us at all, but actually helping us to be in the big picture. And yet, Uranus in Taurus is causing a conflict in the energy; removing all comfort and control. One must trust in the chaos going on, because only in the chaos can one see how the order is actually coming to be. You can’t always do the same thing and expect a different result. In order to get a different result one must do something never done before. 

Mercury will station direct on Aquarius on the 20th and I am positive many will be jumping with joy. It will feel like there’s a sudden shift in energy and the storm clouds have finally passed. Everyone will seem less tense and more fun loving again. The element of surprise won’t be so heavily felt however by now we are comfortable in this energetic flow. Communication will continue as per usual, however, now it has more rationale and the end goal is known by all. There’s no going back now, darlings 🙂

On the 21st Ceres enters Aries until May 7th igniting passion in all that we do. During this transit we can master a lot of things that we have left on the backburner. While also mastering ourselves and our passions. Nothing can halt the growth of the outer self while the inner self is ignited. Taking care of yourself and finishing up things that were left half-way will be priority. Do your best not to rush or be impulsive. Keep your temper in check and remember force is not a way of getting things done right or at all. Be nice. Be direct, but most importantly be nice 🙂

On the 25th, Venus enters Pisces until March 20th. Here the Goddess of Love finds comfort in not only dreaming, but in bringing those dreams into reality. Wanting to perfect relationships of all kinds will be the theme during this transit. No more daydreaming now is the time to grab your paintbrush and paint your dream into reality. You aren’t seeing things with rose tinted glasses, but you are seeing things as they are. This is helping in perfecting the relationships you hold dear. Showering people with appreciation, gifts, and love will sweeten any deal during this time. 

On the 26th, Jupiter trine True Node bringing luck to the day. If you don’t believe in luck, today you will. Everything just seems lucky and is lucky. Four leaf clovers everywhere, rainbows shining up ahead, unicorn kisses are being felt, and the fae are showering all with magic. Playing the lotto is cool today, however, going after that dream today will be even cooler. Today is your day so make it magical as fuck, and be so damn cool about it others will be an awe of you 😉

Lastly, the full moon is on the 27th in Virgo helping us to fine comb all the details of the month that is going to help with next month. Surprisingly, this full moon is more about how we have been able to adapt to what has transpired thus far. We are all aware of our stance and how we are proceeding forward. The Virgo full moon is more about being strong in our decision to keep moving forward with the change. Not letting the mind be filled with anxious thoughts, but instead to have a steady determined strong mind in actualizing all that we have been dreaming of. Brown and burgundy candles should be used in your ritual tonight. 

There’s nothing quiet about this month nor is it moving slow. It is moving at a pace that helps to bring the flow of change. Do not get lost in the change. Do your best to own the changes that are happening in your world.


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