The 9th we have our full moon in Leo and this will be felt by all. This Leo moon makes the fire we are all experiencing even more intense. We will roar our demands, we will shout our feelings, our egos will be inflated, and we will obsess with getting what we want and getting it RIGHT NOW! Yet, in the same token our need to protect not only ourselves but those we love will be prevalent. We will have our protective side over take us to the point where it will lead us blindly into a battlefield which is self created. There is nothing wrong with taking a stance, with protecting others, however what exactly are you protecting? Are you even sure what you are protecting wants the protection? This moon will illuminate a lot of things that need protecting but it will also illuminate what needs to be let go of. 

The snow moon trines Mars in Sagittarius giving us more fuel to work with. We must also not forget we have Chiron in Aries giving us the motivation to fuel our own fire. We must remain aware of our objective and not get caught up in ego trapments of why we must do what we must. Keeping in mind we still have the big boys in Capricorn should really be that angel on your shoulder saying, “do you really want to do this”? Being impulsive will not serve you however working with illumination will bring you success beyond your wildest imaginations. 

Working with the colors orange, red, and yellow will give the illumination and the initiation to get your intentions and magick going. Fire is our friend here, so working with candles or bonfires is a good thing. Working with the sun during the day will amplify the magick you have done during the night. Remember Leo is ruled by the sun and doing some of your ritual work during the day will give you that illumination while at night you get that clarity.

Keep egos in check. Don’t do anything impulsively. Have fun. Play with some cats. If you find yourself in the spotlight own that shit 🙂