The 23rd gives us our new moon in Pisces which can bring some gentleness in all the madness taking place. Envision a mermaid sitting on a rock basking in the moonlight; singing a song just for the moon. You will want to do some gentle nurturing at this time not only for yourself but also for those you care about in particularly the women in your life. Working with the colors pinks, baby blues, or simply working with pastels will bring that femininity in order to feel nurtured. Self care should be made a priority during this time and avoiding any form of escapism as well. Listen to music and be creative with this moon.  

Daydreams will be vivid, dreams as well, and nightmares will feel so real you will wake up in sweats. This new moon will also feel like you are hibernating so, sleep if you must. Crying will help in releasing pent up emotions just do your best to not escape what you are feeling. Instead of escaping ground yourself and do lots of self care on this day. Go to bed early and sleep deeply for you will be thankful you did in the morning.