Aries: Brag about your new thing, patronize them with it, and ignore them once their temper tantrum starts.

Taurus: Take their favorite possession and then just stare at them blankly.

Gemini: Tell them you know something they don’t, and laugh about it 😀

Cancer: Tell them they don’t look so well…are those hives on your face?

Leo: Don’t laugh at their jokes and ignore them

Virgo: Rearrange whatever it is they have in chronological order…rearrange their books by genre instead of author’s name 🙂

Libra: Simply just go from one extreme to the other and then DEMAND they make a DECISION right NOW!

Scorpio: Treat them exactly the same way they treat you…like a stepping stone.

Sagittarius: Tell them to sit quietly and still.

Capricorn: Simply laugh at things that aren’t funny and have lots of fun while they are being a bore.

Aquarius: Tell them you just heard the most unusual of noises outside their window. Pull up lawn chair and binoculars and watch them try to find the flying saucer that was never there.

Pisces: Tell them you don’t believe anything they are telling you and then let them know you drank all their alcohol.


Aries ruler Mars/Ares(God of War)

Taurus ruler Venus/Aphrodite(Goddess of Love & Beauty)but it is said Taurus true ruler is Pan-Horus(Pan the God of Shepard’s & Flocks; Horus the Sky God)

Gemini ruler Mercury/Hermes(Messenger God)

Cancer ruler the Moon

Leo ruler the Sun

Virgo ruler Mercury/Hermes(Messenger God)but it is said Virgo ‘s true ruler is Vulcan/Hephaestus(God of Fire & Weapons)

Libra ruler Venus/Aphrodite(Goddess of Love & Beauty)

Scorpio ruler Pluto/Hades(God of the Underworld)

Sagittarius ruler Jupiter/Zeus(Ruler of the GODS & Lightning)

Capricorn ruler Saturn/Cronus(God of Agriculture)

Aquarius ruler Uranus(Sky God)

Pisces ruler Neptune/Poseidon(God of the Sea & Earthquakes)

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