The 11th month of the year is here ushering us to the end of the year. What a year it has been thus far. I bet many of you would have not guessed or predicted what the year had in store for all of us. Yet, here we are about to start celebrating the holidays while transitioning into those colder days and nights (at least for us in the northern hemisphere). Life is drastically different now than it was last November. Think back to that time last year and see where you are at this very moment… ‘cause, darling it’s about to get even more interesting. October was heating up the pressure cooker and November is the whistle and pop of the cooker telling you it’s time to take the lid off. Trust when I say the lid will come off whether you want it too or not.

The 3rd Mercury stations direct in Libra and what a relief will be felt by the collective!  The pressure will feel less intense and a new perspective will be gained in the time Mercury was retrograde both in Scorpio and Libra. What was hidden in the shadows of your soul are now illuminated with a new found understanding. We all know now what we want in our relations with partners of all types, and we won’t accept anything less than just that. Remember to keep balanced in all of your everyday goings-on.

On the 9th, we have Ceres entering Pisces once again and for the remainder of the year. Think back again to the beginning of the year when Ceres first entered Aquarius and then when it shifted into Pisces in April. At that time the pandemic had begun, there were wildfires in Australia occurring, and lockdowns were in full effect. Now, as we continue on with the rest of the year we are entering our second wave of Covid-19 throughout the world. We are paying more attention not only to ourselves but also to the health of the world. Compassion has been a very hard concept collectively because many are still in that dog eat dog world mentality. Beliefs and truths are being shown as illusions rather than reality. Everyone is functioning with the mentality of doing what is best for you over what is best for the collective. Be forewarned things will get uglier while the truth is being dissected during this transit.

On the 10th, we have Mercury entering Scorpio and communication style will change drastically. All of those things you wanted to say will now be said. Do yourself a favor and pay attention to how it’s being said. Scorpion energy is good at detecting the vibes of people and situations, which is why it is known as the voodoo sign (well at least that’s what I like to refer to them). Conversations will be interesting, thought out, and heartfelt with the intent of sharing what must be shared in order to keep moving forward. Of course, there will be those who retreat into themselves even further than they are now because fear is leading them. Don’t be afraid. Open up during this transit.

Jupiter will then conjunct Pluto on the 12th once again. Roll back to April when you started the process of transformation and June with how your metamorphosis awakened you into your new way of being. Now, here you are in your new creation, fully awakened to all the newest possibilities being offered. Explore them and be grateful for them. Nice job!

The red planet stations direct on the 13th in Aries, and thank the Gods that it has! Now, all that slowing down and not acting impulsively is going to be rewarded in ways you could have not possibly seen. We ALL needed to slow down during this retrograde because whatever opportunity you were given you either took it or didn’t is teaching you the lesson of being opportunistic or letting an opportunity pass you by. You see some opportunities are once in a lifetime while others do come back around when it’s more aligned with you. You also were being taught to not be so reactive, but instead to be more conscious in your actions. When you are fully aware, Mars blesses those with rewards so big you can’t help but see how miracles do exist 🙂

On the 15th, we have a magical day! First, we have Jupiter quintile Chiron for the third time this year. Remember the saying, “third time’s the charm”? Well, that couldn’t be more accurate this day. Don’t be surprised if you find charms, are being charmed, or you yourself are being charming. This day not only feels extremely lucky, but also very deja vu-ish with the synchronicities occurring giving you a euphoric feeling.

On this same day, we have our new moon in Scorpio adding to the magic of the day. Temptation and allurement are the vibes of the moon’s energy. Doing any romantic, sexual, and empowerment spells during this moon will be of a benefit to the practitioner. Receiving messages from hidden admires is a big probability; and no, they don’t have to be romantic or sexual. An innate desire to plunge forward will be the over theme for this new moon. Today is a good day to sit in silence and allow your intuition to guide you forward.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 21st shifting the energy of balance and equality to control and power. This transit will bring up the darkness in all of us only because it needs to be illuminated in order to know what areas in our lives we are still controlling, overpowering, and disempowering within ourselves. Remember our emotions, thoughts, behaviours, and perspective are the leading factors for others in their treatment of ourselves. So, if you are in constant negativity and fear, that is what others reflect back to you. If however, you are in constant positivity and love, that will also get reflected back to you. Power does not equal authority or respect, it can in fact equal to dislike, fear, and hatred. Make sure you are dealing, acknowledging, facing, healing, and accepting of your shadow side and finding healthier ways to bring it into light where it is empowering YOU.

On the 25th, we have Pluto quintile Chiron helping us to further heal the darkness within us. Back in April, when this alignment happened old wounds and traumas were brought into light. On this day we will see whether we healed them or not. However on this day, it is more about realizing what we allow in ourselves. It has nothing to do with others, but everything to do with your shadow side. Remember you are both Yin and Yang; meaning you are both feminine and masculine; you are both light and dark. Love yourself fully and completely for this is the way to self love and healing.

Neptune stations direct in Pisces on the 28th. Finally, reality shifts once again. Didn’t this retrograde feel like forever? Don’t get me wrong I love the Neptunian energy, but holy fuck, when it retrogrades it’s very impactful no matter what. Everyone saw the reality we are really in and how you handled this shift is the foreshadowing not only for the rest of the year, but also for 2021 before Neptune retrogrades once again in 2021. No, I am not jumping ahead. I am letting you know if you had a difficult time during this retrograde that started in June, it’s nothing in comparison to all the changes that are occurring and will continue to occur in order to align you with the Universe. Yes, we create our own reality, but not without the help of the Universe. If the Universe sees fit to align you to a much better reality than what you are weaving, it will do just that. I would suggest splashing some cold water to your face and asking Neptune to help you clearly see reality.

Jupiter biquintile True Node on the 29th, but what does this mean exactly?  Well, it’s actually quite a fortunate energy to be working with. Here we are being given the chance to right some wrongs from a distant past. Solutions to whatever problems you have are now being seen clearly with a positive eye. Creative solutions come into play which bring a new sense of hope and faith once again in the Universe. Count your blessings on this day and show gratitude.

Lastly, we end November with the Gemini full moon penumbral lunar eclipse. Oh, you thought eclipse season was over back in July?… darling, this is the first of two eclipses we are finishing the year off with. This eclipse is going to usher in the truth of where you are as an individual. You see this truth isn’t about anyone else; it’s about you. Who you are as a person, how you are with others, and what you show, give, hide, and share with others. You will realize the level of masks you have for each person you relate or associate with. You will either evolve from the truth being shown to you, will run and hide, or you might just break the mask and mirror you see yourself in. Authenticity is the energy of this eclipse. Be gentle with yourself during this time.

November isn’t for the weak of heart. However, it is the most eye opening month we’ve had thus far. See you all next month 🙂