January 13th is the first new moon of the year and it is in Capricorn. During this moon it is important to remember we are in a new beginning. We want to set tangible goals that are interchangeable with the changing times we are in. Much progress has been made, but not enough to keep up with the momentum. You do not want to increase the speed of things. However, you must remain focused on what you are striving to achieve. Working with burgundy, gold, and purple candles with help give life and illumination to the road you are on. Let go of control, trust in the process, and be confident in the magic of the moon.

This new moon is also helping us to see where exactly where we are. Recognition of either your hard work or recognizing what you got to do is the highlight of this new moon. You will either feel proud of yourself with your hard work or you could also however feel very frustrated with yourself for decisions you made in the past which led to your realization of your choices now. The Capricorn moon is not holding back and will make it very evident to you about where you are in life and with your dreams, goals, and accomplishments. 

The energy of the moon feels heavy, dark, and unforgiving so do yourself a favor and take it easy today. Light candles of either black, burgundy, gold, or purple. Sage and smudge yourself and also take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself an encouraging pep talk. Today is the beginning of many days that will leave you shocked at the blessings, changes, and surprises you will be experiencing this new year. 


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