The 23rd is the full moon in Aquarius giving us more healing energy to liberate ourselves from burdensome wounds. This moon is reminding me of when birds are ready to leave the nest. Once they jump they never go back, but instead they find their own nest. For the birds have all they need in order to live in the massive world we live in. The time couldn’t be more perfect than it is with this moon’s energy. You will notice that it even feels like a longer day and night than usual. Time has slowed down or all together stopped. Working with clocks, watches, or hourglasses will be the most magical thing you do with this Aquarius full moon. Now is not the time to think you are running out of time or have no more time however it is a time to think that you have all the time that you require for the movement you are making. When you do notice the time you will see it’s in triple numbers. 

Colors to work with are black, blue, green, and white. Crystals will be beneficial in all rituals and even doing a crystal grid will power up your ritual work. Incense, sage, palo santo, and lavender are great for all burnings done today. Leave the windows open while doing your work or do it all outside so the air element supplies the magik you need. Focus on the open roads this full moon is bringing you while also focusing on letting go of those ties and closed roads. You aren’t going backwards so no need to look back or feel bad. Whatever is gone is for the best. Keep in mind whatever is gone could just be a way of thinking or doing things. This moon is about demonstrating your individual purpose. 

The purpose of this full moon is to unveil your purpose, journey, skills, abilities, and how to fulfill said purpose. You will notice your surroundings are different and perhaps even the people are as well. The Universe has made way for everyone to continue on their journey of self realization. Not everyone or everything is meant to come along with you and we gotta remember everything and everyone has and serves a purpose. This moon is showing us that purpose and asking us to accept it while things are moving along. The freedom you are gaining is so you can pursue your desires. 

This Aquarius full moon is the liberation we all need in order to fulfill our purpose. The year isn’t over yet and this moon is placing us on the road we are supposed to be on. Remember if the road you are on is a challenging one than this moon is asking you to liberate yourself from whatever limiting things, thoughts, and feelings you still carry. Once you do free yourself you will be exactly where you have been desiring to be. So, no more fear instead have hope that all is working out in your favor. 


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