July Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2020

On the 5th of July we have our third eclipse of the year. The full moon penumbral lunar eclipse is in Capricorn. Causing us to have another stellium in Capricorn this year. However the difference this time around is four out of five planets are all in retrograde. This will cause a major shift within the collective but also individually. Foundations will be shaken and torn apart. Whatever has been wrong, out of alignment, not working, and in the background will now be in your face demanding you do something about it. No one said climbing up a mountain was easy work and to think that it is; is quite foolish. Everything in life comes with a price to pay and to think otherwise will also prove to be foolish. As bright as the light shines it eventually dims out and nothing but darkness is left. So, do choose wisely my friends. 

Doing grounding work for this eclipse is best. Walks in nature, meditation, and being by the ocean will soothe the soul. For those who love doing candle work use black, silver, and even purple colored candles to banish all negativity, to heighten intuition, and to hone in on the magic of this moon. This eclipse is to show you where things need to be set free and where you need to focus on to have a prosperous rest of the year. Trust you want to work with all this Capricornian energy.

Once Saturn starts its motion into Aquarius at the end of the year you will look back to this time frame and realize whether you were right on the money or completely off. Just keep in mind the choices you make are yours alone. No one has that level of control or power over you and if this eclipse proves to be challenging it’s for that reason alone. Which is showing you where your power lies and whether it lies with you or not. 

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