July Horoscopes

Aries this month is about choosing your battles wisely. Not every challenge has to be faced on and destroyed in a fiery battle. Learn when to walk away from a losing situation. You can’t solve everything, remember some problems don’t have solutions and it’s best to just walk way and take the lesson with you. The lessons learned this month will pave the wave for your future endeavors.

Taurus July promises to be a good month for you. Everyone wants a piece of you. Love will be pouring in from everywhere. Everybody loves you and they all want to show you exactly how much. It feels good doesn’t, Taurus. Knowing that you are in fact loved and loved by so many. Cherish it, you deserve it♥

Gemini slow down this month and pay attention to your emotional out bursts. Yes, emotions can be problematic and dramatic but they must be DEALT with. You can’t always keep yourself busy, you gotta learn to RELAX and just BE. Deal with what is causing you to have these sudden emotional out bursts this month. Use that quick witted mind and tongue of yours to analyze what it is that is truly bothering you. Besides, it’s your drama you gotta deal with not somebody else this time around…

Cancer pay attention to your dreams, imagination, and day dreams. For they hold your answers this month. Let your mind wander to furthest depth of your psyche. Don’t be afraid, embrace what you see. Try to understand what your seeing; view it as a movie unfolding a story. Light a blue candles this month to further help hone your visions.

Leo you will rise from the ashes this month. A new bolder you will emerge. Full of optimism, child like innocence, and thirst for life like you never felt before. Your birthday is right around the corner; so, why not start the new year with a sense of renewal. Wear orange to attract more positivity in your life. Let go of the past for it no longer serves you.

Virgo it’s time to let your passionate side come out. This month can find you being inspired; your creativity will be flowing from you. Everything you touch will turn into a master piece. Love will come easily. People will be surprise to see this side of you. Your insecurities will be shedding off of you. You could find yourself having to choose between two lovers this month. Listen to your heart for once Virgo. Don’t think just feel 🙂

Libra you might feel like you are at a standstill this month. It feels like the party is over and everyone is asleep. Not true. It’s July the summer is heating up and to much sun can be exhausting. Take this month to do relaxing things. Surround yourself with those you love. Expect a lovely gift this month; the universe wants to see that beautiful smile glow until tomorrow 😀

Scorpio stop counting your eggs before they hatch. Be thankful for the ones that do hatch. The 7 pentacles is a reminder that hard work does pay off but you must first lay the ground work to get the foundation smooth. Stop rushing and take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Be grateful and thankful this month.

Sagittarius you must learn this month not everything is a problem being thrown at you. There’s no need to stress or to think things are worse than they are. Remember our minds can play a lot of tricks on us. BREATHE and RELEASE when you find yourself getting anxious or angry this month. You can’t go around exercising that Jupiter size temperament whenever you want. Calm your mind and the transitions going on this month will be a lot more easier than you think.

Capricorn the theme for this month is compromising and compassion. There’s no need to stress this month if you can’t work well with others. You are stronger than you think and can be easily reasoned with. You don’t always have to be in control. By being compassionate and compromising you will see how people change towards you 🙂 

Aquarius this month finds you needing to heal wounds deep within your soul and psyche. For far to long you have ignored your body’s warning signs. You can not continue down this path of self destruction. It’s time to change your diet, attitude, and release all tension. For those of you wanting to learn more about your intuitiveness this month can have finding your teacher.

Pisces this month is asking you to be a little more open to things you do not understand. The Fool represents our ability to trust the unknown. To plunge into the depths without fear of what will happen. Be open minded and open your heart for you will be surprised at the universe has in store for you..don’t swim against the current instead flow with it 🙂

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