July New Moon Cancer 2020

Today’s new moon in Cancer is our second one because June’s new moon was not only a solar eclipse but it was also in Cancer. At that time the eclipse was illuminating our security and feeling of safety in what we consider to be our home. Now, here we are a month later still seeing everything that is being illuminated. It was never something so simple it was very complex and a lot more than first perceived. This new moon on the 20th in Cancer once again is illuminating our home front. 

This time around though what is being shown is our children or what we consider to be our child(ren). Yes, there are people who have no children but these same people have something they treat like a child. This is exactly what the moon is showing. For those that don’t have children what is being shown is your inner child traumas. Healing is required in order to be the best version of yourself. If you are of the opinion that you never wanted children, something in you will shift that will have you questioning if that is even true anymore. 

Others will get pregnant or receive news that they are pregnant or someone close to them is pregnant. Healing work with children takes on precedence within your home. Others will start work with children, others will dream of future children, and even fostering and adopting will take on a whole new meaning for others. Don’t be afraid instead be grateful for the blessings being given today. 

Allow, this moon to illuminate your heart’s vision. Going near a body of water will really help open up the flow of abundance. It will also wash away the negativity. Spending time with kids will help uplift you or do something from your childhood you haven’t done. Happy New Moon!

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