July With It’s Forks In The Roads 2020

July picks up right where June left off and makes sure to not be missing one step while doing so. This month will feel much longer and it will be much longer. While also adding elements of surprises with twists and turns which only lead to forks in the roads. Perhaps, you thought the path you have been on was it for you. Yet you will realize by the time the month is over that this was never the case. It was just one of many which needed to be walked on in order to be on the path that is to teach, show, and have you understand what it means to be an energetic being in this reality. 

The 1st of July we have Saturn continuing its retrograde in Capricorn. Since it started its retrograde back in May it’s been in Aquarius. Now, the Lord of Karma returns to it’s favorite home of Capricorn to really cement the lessons, teachings, karmic debt, we all have been experiencing. This time around though you are being guided to transmute all of it in order to obtain dharma. Of course you don’t have to do any such thing and you can remain in the cycle of karma until the wheel finally falls apart. The choice is yours and the best thing to keep in mind here is the long term of the reality of your choices.  

On the 5th of July we have our third eclipse of the year. The full moon penumbral lunar eclipse is in Capricorn. Causing us to have another stellium in Capricorn this year. However the difference this time around is four out of five planets are all in retrograde. This will cause a major shift within the collective but also individually. Foundations will be shaken and torn apart. Whatever has been wrong, out of alignment, not working, and in the background will now be in your face demanding you do something about it. No one said climbing up a mountain was easy work and to think that it is is quite foolish. Everything in life comes with a price to pay and to think otherwise will also prove to be foolish. As bright as the light shines it eventually dims out and nothing but darkness is left. So, do choose wisely my friends. 

Ceres retrogrades in Pisces on the 7th amplifying Neptune’s retrograde. Both this asteroid and planet will now have us questioning the reality of not only our homes but of also our environment. Everything will now be questioned and scrutinized to the point the majority will be feeling victimized. It’s not just our reality that will be under the microscope but so will be our food and home life. Women will be very underhanding and some will bask in the victim mentality. Learning what it means to be family will take on a whole new meaning. The nurturing of animals will also come to the light. Being aware during these two retrogrades in Pisces will be beneficial. 

July 11th Chiron retrogrades in Aries setting the pace for Mars to join later on in the summer. This retrograde will have us facing our demons in such a way we won’t be able to help but acknowledge their names. We gotta keep in mind though the reality of what is going on here in order to make that leap in our evolutionary progress. Evolution is a very delicate process which not many get to experience. The more accepting we are of our own faults and wounds the more you will see this transit is helpful. There is nothing stopping you from healing but only yourself. Being mindful during this time is your fortitude. You aren’t invincible so do yourself a favor and don’t make this retrograde harder than it should be. Also, keep in mind once Mars retrogrades in Aries things are going to intensify in such a way that this Chiron retrograde will seem like child’s play.

Mercury stations direct in Cancer on the 12th and you would think things will let up however this will not be the case at all. Now, all that is happening is everyone is voicing their feelings without any care in the world. You see while Mercury was retrograding our dreams were vivid and held cryptic messages. Our emotions were spilling forth in the dream world especially if we felt that those we wanted to express our feelings to were not willing to listen. What we learn at this time is that this was just our insecurities of not feeling safe enough to express them. Now, all that goes out the door and a new sense of confidence is felt. Find a fun way of expressing your feelings even if the person on the other end deems it ridiculous. Just have fun with this transit for once Mercury moves into Leo it won’t be about having fun but about being heard no matter what. 

On the 16th we have Saturn quincunx True Node and what a strange energy it will be. Saturn’s retrograde in Capricorn aligns with the Moon’s True Node in Gemini(retrograde)giving us this energy of wanting to rush through everything yet feeling the uncertainty if we do so. Capricorn and Gemini are two very distinct energies and when mixed together it can go either way. Today is not the day to rush, to skim, to give up, or to crumble. It is instead the day to hold steady fast, be determined, and to trudge ahead focused on what is meant to be accomplished. Turn away from the naysayers however don’t be a fool if you see that it is in fact not working or not going to work. 

Our new moon on the 20th is in Cancer illuminating our home front once again. This time what is being shown is our children. I know there are people who have no children and with that being said this moon is affirming what must be done for our children collectively speaking. For those that don’t have children; many things will be shown to you and what is being shown is your inner child traumas. Healing is required in order to be the best version of yourself. If you are of the opinion that you never wanted children, something in you will shift that will have you questioning if that is even true anymore. Others will get pregnant or receive news that you are pregnant or someone close to you is pregnant. Healing work with children takes on precedence within your home. Others will start work with children, others will dream of future children, and even fostering and adopting will take on a whole new meaning for others. Allow, this moon to illuminate your heart for your vision is there. 

Finally, on July 27th we have Jupiter sextile in Neptune giving us a most harmonious energy. It will feel like we are in a dream and some will even pinch themselves in order to determine if this is reality or just a fantasy. However, I am here to say think back to February 20th of this year for that was our first sextile between these two planets. What caused you back than to be in the place that you were in that had you realizing serendipity does exist. That connections are very real and that they don’t always have to be romantic. Now, see where you are at this very moment that has you smiling that knowing smile and looking up to the sky saying, “you sneaky bastard you”. Everything happens when it’s meant to happen no matter what has happened to bring you to this happening. So, smile and be thankful for you are in the manifestation of the dream you have been imagining for a very long time. 

July starts with a bang and it ends with a bang. Nothing slows down yet the pace of the month feels like forever but it has to feel this way in order to get done what must be done. Have fun even if the world is falling apart.

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