The 10th is the new moon annular solar eclipse in Gemini. Remember, I said in my last article this eclipse will amplify the eclipse from last month which was in Sagittarius. The truth was revealed, however, some are now more curious and others are getting to the bottom of things. No more hiding behind false pretense either. Now, all true colors have been shown. This new moon is the beginning of the Sagittarius full moon eclipse we had last month. There is no going back or starting anew. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Whatever surprises are revealed with this eclipse they will not be so shocking. However, do expect for things to pick up a significant amount of speed. 

Colors to work with are gray, yellow, and blue for all candle magik. Spending a good amount of time outdoors will help you to process the changes you are in. Clarity will further be gained, as well as, insight and a more comprehensive understanding of all that is transpiring. Informative dreams and daydreams are the answers you need to continue moving forward. Communication will be easy and quite informative as well. Finishing anything you have left undone throughout the year will now be completed as you continue on in your journey. 

This new moon is here to help you not hinder you. If some are experiencing negativity it is only for you to see the reality of your situation. It’s asking you to step out of ego, your comfort zone, and to own up to your part which causes all the negativity in your life. I know many don’t like to hear that negativity comes from within more so than from outside. Our mind is one of the most powerful tools we have and if you have been on this victim mentality, manifesting all your fears, this is the moon to show you how you contribute to all of the negative transpiring at this moment. Do yourself a favor and accept your wounded self and begin the process of healing and creating a more positive life. 

May this new moon illuminate your path to victory!


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