Penumbral lunar eclipse tonight in Sagittarius this our second eclipse of year. Think back to January of this year when we had our first eclipse. What was shown to you at that time? Now, that we are six months into the year and having our second eclipse what are you having to face at this very moment that is asking you are you being true? ⁣

As the truth is being spoken not only to you it also speaks to all those involved when it comes to the authenticity of your emotional needs. No, more beating around the bush or back pedaling just to get your point across. Now, is the time to speak your truth no matter the consequence of it. This eclipse is not about holding back but quite the contrary it is about going forth for your emotional stability, happiness, and peace of mind. Change is a constant however it does not mean it feels great all the time. Change makes people uncomfortable but yet it is a necessary feeling in order to live authentically.  

Sagittarius is not only known to be the traveler of the zodiac it’s also the moral compass of it. You see collectively the world over is experiencing a call to action when it comes to the truth of the matters at hand. Of the reality we are all co-creating and co-habiting. ⁣

What we are seeing is an information overload and that is due to us being in Gemini season and Venus still retrograding in Gemini. Meanwhile, emotions are running wild due to the fact that we have Mercury and Vesta in Cancer and Mars in Pisces. ⁣

However, what everyone is enacting at this moment is Chiron in Aries causing very very old wounds to surface in order to be healed. Yet, no one is healing only acting on their wounds. ⁣

Take today, tonight, and the next coming of days to reflect and ask yourself honestly what is causing you to be impulsive, to be rash, to be mad, to be bored, to want to do careless things knowing full well you and only you will be adhering to your own consequences. Burn candles, write your feelings down and burn it, ask the Universe how might you be of service and pay attention to the answer you receive. Enjoy this powerful moon for this is the door that led to the path we are all on 🙂