I am sorry to my faithful readers. It has taken me so long to do June’s astrological forecast. I took a much needed vacation with my daughter in beautiful Savannah. I am now ready to dive deep into June’s energy with all of you. I do hope you all are well because things will get deep and chaotic. So, fasten your seatbelts once again and let’s ride the rollercoaster of this month ;-p

On June 2nd, Venus entered Cancer and our dream world. Many of us had weird dreams and will continue to do so. These dreams are not only psychic insights but they are also healing. You will be doing a great deal of healing during dream time. If you are wondering why, it is because reality is going to expand in such a way that you need to process and heal. Venus in Cancer is illuminating all relationship types and showing us where the bonds are. The feminine side of our being is helping us to shift into a higher vibration. We will all be emotional and want closeness as much as possible. Being possessive, jealous, and doubtful can be a theme for many who have not done any shadow work. Do yourself a favor and begin the process of healing your feminine side. 

The 10th is the new moon annular solar eclipse in Gemini. Remember, I said in my last article this eclipse will amplify the eclipse from last month which was in Sagittarius. The truth was revealed, however, some are now more curious and others are getting to the bottom of things. No more hiding behind false pretense either. Now, all true colors have been shown. This new moon is the beginning of the Sagittarius full moon eclipse we had last month. There is no going back or starting anew. You are exactly where you need to be and doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. Whatever surprises are revealed with this eclipse they will not be so shocking. However, do expect for things to pick up a significant amount of speed. Colors to work with are gray, yellow, and blue. Spending a good amount of time outdoors will help you to process the changes you are in. Clarity will further be gained, as well as, insight and a more comprehensive understanding of all that is transpiring. 

Mars enters Leo on the 11th until July 28th giving us confidence to take the steps we were dreaming, thinking, or mulling over about. No more sitting idly by and hoping for it to materialize. Now is a time of action even if you think “no, way it’s retrograde season.” Understand the planets are aligned to move you forward. It’s best to do it yourself as opposed to waiting on the Universe to push forward. You want to take advantage of this time and a lot will be accomplished. Paying attention to detail is what’s really going to help you in your movement forward while giving you the confidence you didn’t have before. 

On the 14th, Saturn squares Uranus. Don’t panic on this day. Things are being shifted because it no longer works. Resistance is not key and neither is stubbornness. Be willing to accept the new and appreciate what the old taught you. The energy of this day is more about reinventing and not necessarily resolving an issue. You will be inspired with an idea you never saw coming. 

On the 20th, Jupiter retrogrades in Pisces until July 27th, where it will shift back into Aquarius to finish off the retrograde. However, let’s talk about what this means while Jupiter is in Pisces. Clarity in all that you are witnessing is the theme of this movement. No more blinders. No more turning a blind eye. Now, you are seeing ALL of reality. There is no hiding however now the madness is all out in the open. Reality isn’t shifting, it’s only being revealed. What you see during this time was shown to you when Jupiter shifted into Pisces last month. Acting surprised isn’t going to help. Preparation will help you grasp what is truly going on. I know what you are thinking, “how do I prepare?”… by being in acceptance of what you are seeing and taking the action Jupiter is guiding you towards. Good luck 🙂

Mercury stations direct in Gemini on the 22nd. Many will be happy to read this while others will wonder what the hell happened. Mercury will remain in Gemini until next month. There’s still plenty of information that still has to be discussed and revealed. Again, no more hiding behind false pretense as this is the time to be your most authentic self. Communicate clearly and allow others to communicate as well. This is not a time to listen to respond but a time to listen to understand. 

On the 24th, Saturn sextiles Chiron giving us a day of recognition. An old wound will now be forever healed, forgiven, and alchemized into a new way of being. Many things will be recognized this day whether good or bad. The point is that awareness is now there in order to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. 

On this same day we have our full moon in Capricorn amplifying the energy of recognition. Rewards, unexpected money, job opportunities, travel for work, solidifying contracts, breaking free from old contracts, giving into pleasure, but most importantly recognizing how far you have come on your own. For those just starting on their awakening or shadow work, this day and the energy of the moon will make you recognize a lot of things about yourself. No point in beating yourself up for what you think was a mistake, bad choice, or decision. Learn from it and realize you had to do it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be where you are now wanting to do something completely different…which is more beneficial to you and your happiness. Colors to work with red, black, and silver. 

On the 25th, Neptune retrogrades in Pisces until December 1st. Neptune is meeting up with Jupiter, his baby brother, to discuss what exactly they are seeing, showing us, and where things need to expand/shift when it comes to our awareness. If you are feeling crazy or apprehensive, it’s only because you are being forced to see reality for what it really is. Awareness is the theme during this retrograde and what exactly are you doing with this awareness. What understanding are you receiving during this time? Trying to control or manifest is not the way, but being in a faith will help you to navigate the madness transpiring. Have a cup of tea and just relax because the waves really aren’t that big 🙂

Finally, on the 27th, Venus enters Leo until July 20th. Again, going after what you want and not deterring is the theme. Many will get what they want, however,others will have to face challenges and obstacles to really determine if you are brave enough and if you really want it. Selfishness, being overly confident, demanding, and stubbornness is the uglier side of this transit. Be humble. Be receptive but most importantly be patient. Let the Universe show you the magic of this transit. 

June isn’t slowing anything down; it is picking up speed. Things must keep moving forward in order for all of us to continue to live the life we all desire to live. 



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