June’s Colorful Dream

Dreaming is a part of our lives and we ALL dream. Even those who say they do not dream actually do. It’s a matter of calming the mind and allowing yourself to relax in order to dream. June is going to teach us all about dreaming and how to make our dreams a reality in a instant. Life as we know it has changed for all of us; some are handling it well while others are crumbling in the change. We all must understand we are being pushed to evolve. If we all want what we dream of then how are we going to make our dream come true? What steps are we taking to achieve this? But don’t you worry the planetary movements will be making you shift into your dream BIG TIME.

As the month commences we have three major planets in retrograde. Jupiter in Sagittarius, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Capricorn. In the middle of month another planet will be joining the backward dance but first let us talk about our new moon in Gemini. June 3rd is our new moon in Gemini bringing us messages from up above. Gemini is known as the child of the zodiac and the most communicative of all the signs. This moon will highlight these two aspects; for those of you with children you will be receiving news about or for your children, perhaps some help for them, communicating with them, and overall spending quality time with them. Communication will be important with this moon as well. Hearing from people you haven’t heard from in awhile, receiving out of the blue offers, communicating with deceased loved ones, receiving messages from the Universe, and having a very clear picture of your dream coming true. Utilize this moon by working with yellow, white, and blue candles. Spend time outdoors in a park watching and listening to the laughter of children. Vibe high because this moon’s energy requires high vibration in order to create your magick.

On June 4th we have Mercury joining Mars in Cancer. So, not only have our feelings been all over the place but now we will be communicating these feelings. Mars shifted into Cancer on May 15th causing a HUGE impact on everyone. Mars does not do well in this environment but it has been teaching us to appreciate this environment. The majority are having a hard time processing their feelings and understanding them. People are erupting, feeling uncomfortable, being impatient, and having very unusual dreams. Now, with Mercury shifting into Cancer we will be communicating our feelings the moment we experience them. There really won’t be much thinking going on when it comes to our feelings but instead just the urge to communicate them. Be patient not only with others but also with yourself for these next few weeks. Do keep in mind that you are NOT the only one experiencing chaos. We ALL are. We just have to ride out this wave and then hold our breath as we dive deep into our emotions and psychic awareness.

June 8th Venus shifts into Gemini until July 3rd and what a shift it will be. Not only is the sun in Gemini but we also had the new moon in Gemini on the 3rd and now Venus being in Gemini will be bringing communication galore. Everyone is going to want to talk, satiated their curiosity, and want what they want NOW. Patience is very important at this time and paying attention to detail but if you do insist on rushing anything you will miss so many important details that it will cause you to stop in your tracks. At this time some will be experiencing two of everything. While, others will be seeing another side of things and people they did not see before. Manipulation can and will occur for those who want what they want and even being deceitful just to get what they want. Be aware of your doings because not everyone will stand for it. You might have the misfortune of encountering someone who will force you to be honest. So, again tread carefully and do everything with honest intention.

Full moon is on June 17th; you will read it’s a Sagittarius full moon but it’s a cusp moon. The moon will be shifting out of Sagittarius in to Capricorn meaning it’s a very prophetic moon. If you thought your psychic awareness is already heighten it will increase even more with this moon. Dreams will be so vivid you will be able to taste it, telepathy will be so intense it could cause you to freak out, and even our daydreams will seem real. This is a great moon to do a big ritual and magick with. Not only are you working with Sagittarius optimism but you are also working with Capricorn focused determination. Black and purple candles should be used, going outside to ground should be done, writing a letter and burning it would be great, and even speaking your intent aloud and in present tense will create the magick you seek to achieve. Aim high because you will land your target.

Lastly, on June 21st we have Neptune going retrograde until November 27th. Neptune has been back home in Pisces since 2012 and will remain there until 2025. When Neptune does it’s retrograde dance our reality shifts in a big way. What we thought was reality is a lot more than what we realize it to be. Our dream will now shift big time and we will have the momentum to make it a reality. If we give up while Neptune is retrograding than it simply means you weren’t ready for your dream. You were only dreaming it and not believing it. When you believe in your dream you not only give it energy but you bring it to life. Dreams do come true but they come true with determination, faith, and gratitude. Understand with these major planets retrograding we are ACTUALLY being given the materials to make our dreams come true. What seems like utter chaos is simply the breaking away of the illusions and delusions which were preventing your dreams from coming into your reality. Chaos is a necessary energy in the creation process without it we simply cannot create. Don’t count your blessings instead be thankful for them. Every day wake up with gratitude in your heart and mind and you will see more things to be grateful for in your reality.

June is all about dreaming but making those dreams come true. Some of you have been dreaming for a very long time and now is the time to get a move on making your dreams a reality. I will end this article with a favorite song lyric from an old cult classic that my best friends and I used to watch growing up….“Don’t dream it. Be it”!


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