So, you think you met the love of your life. It all started with a charming hello and captivating smile. You were having a such a bad day and to top it off you missed the bus even though you were running at 125mph but at least when you came to a halt you landed on a beautiful specimen of a human. He/she helped you up and told you not to worry; the next bus will be here in 15 mins. Why, don’t you catch your breath and tell me what’s wrong…there goes that dazzling smile again! The next thing you know; you and your charming Libra catch a different bus and are now having dinner at a beautiful Italian restaurant. Laughing it up over drinks making plans for Friday night; how could you say no to that smile! 

Libra is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They are charming, captivating, diplomatic, loving, affectionate, but bitterly sarcastic. Libra likes to live the good life, they indulge in what they enjoy, they spend money they don’t have, they work hard in order to play hard, and they fall in love easily. Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and love is what they are after. Its the only way they are balanced in life; remember the scales represent Libra. A Libra who is not in a relationship is not happy. They will tell you they are okay being single, they love meeting new people(which they do), being able to do as they please but deep down inside they know they are really unhappy. Every night they wonder when their king or queen will arrive to rescue them from the mundane. Life is hard as it is but if only they had someone to go home to. 

Libra is not a stingy sign but they do come first. They will save every last penny for something they truly want. Shopaholic is a perfect word to describe them; it does not matter if they are happy or sad in order for them to shop. Feeling good is their number one priority and who else can make them feel good if not themselves? Besides, being shopaholics every Libra has a sweet tooth. You will notice they love to bake and are awesome at it! Of course its not good to indulge in sweets or alcoholic beverages all the time. That is another thing Libra loves to drink and they can drink anyone under the table. Libra also loves to work out for they know a healthy body and mind brings a good balance to life. Libra can go from over indulgence to healthy eating with a snap of a finger especially if they don’t fit into their favorite outfit! 

Some will call Libra lazy but they are NOT!! They rest a lot only because their equilibrium demands it. Libra is a very active sign but they always find the time to rest. Libra has a very sharp mind… strategic if you will. They contemplate every single move of theirs and of others. Playing chess with them or any game for that matter will leave you in the dust. Just because Libra laughs at all your jokes does not mean you can pull a fast one on them. Trust me when I say you are being pulled by them…like a puppet master. You find yourself doing things you thought you never would. Forget getting into an argument with them; you will never win. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong by the time the arguing is done you will have found yourself apologizing for something that was not your fault to begin with. Word of advice learn to argue because arguing is their way of showing you they care. If they are not arguing with you; you should be worrying. Also, make sure your argument is a fair one otherwise you will be left standing there with a frown. 

Libra is the third cardinal sign in the zodiac. What this means is they are natural born leaders but leading is something they don’t enjoy right away in life. You see they have a hard time making a decision. They weigh every possible option; as babies you should teach them how to choose between two things. This will help them so much in life!!! If you notice your Libra can’t make a choice for the life of them then show them you know how to take the initiative. They will be so please you did so. Yet, if your Libra knows how to make a decision make sure their decision making also has your best interest at heart. Trust me Libra can be selfish but in a fair way of course. 

I do hope the Libra that has captivated you always keeps you captivated. To be in a relationship with a Libra is to be in a stable and loving one. They are great partners who are constantly showing you how much they love you. Romance is their weakness and they are so good at it. For the women bring them their favorite flowers, shoes, perfume, and sweets. As for the men; bring them their favorite cologne, sweets, and lingerie they love you in. For the night is young, the stars are shining brightly, and making love sounds perfect right about now…how can you say no to that beautiful captivating smile 🙂


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