Libra’s Light

Libra has been shining its light on us since September 24TH; with that in mind; I hope you all have been playing fair and balancing your life out. Libra is ruled by the Goddess of Love, Venus. Venus was loved by all, wanted by all, and put to work by all but Venus always chose who would fall in love with who. Her son Cupid would go around shooting his bow & arrow to unsuspecting persons. They would go crazy with desire and love not realizing the Gods were at it again. If love is what you desire this month do be careful you do not want to confuse desire with love. Cupid loved once not with his mother’s approval. Venus grew jealous of Psyche and ordered her son to have Psyche fall in love with the most vile thing he could find. As the fates would have it Cupid accidentally cut himself and in turn Psyche fall in love with him once the arrow was released. The beauty of the story is of course what the name Psyche means…Cupid fall in love with his soul for Psyche means soul…ask yourself what you truly desire in a romantic relationship…remember love is a shared emotion not a forced one…listen to your heart and you will soon hear your soul calling you home…♥♥♥

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