Happy October!!! The leaves are starting to change and the weather is getting cooler. Pumpkin everything has hit the scene and Halloween decorations are up. All the witches, brujas, warlocks, wizards, magicians, sorceresses, and sorcerers are rejoicing as it’s our time. Magic is in the air and being felt by all; the time for magic is now! So, grab your brooms, cauldrons, and wands and let’s see what October has in store for all of us.

October 1st brings our first full moon of the month in Aries. Many will be destroying, while others will be initiating. If you happen to be doing both, do know it will all workout. However, make sure you are leaving room for the Universe to do what it must. You are not in control, but you are in control of your reactions, emotions, and temperament. This moon has a very powerful energetic pull towards people, places, and things that will have you even surprised with how persistent you become. Do remember fire is our friend; any rituals you are doing today make sure the fire element is involved. Red, black, and white candles are great conduits for your magic tonight.

On the 2nd, we have Venus entering Virgo and giving the Love Goddess time to go over the details of all relationships. Analyzing, observing, rectifying, and healing will occur during this transit. Many will want to correct errors from the past, others will strategize on how to make moves towards their relationship goals, and some will be doing a lot of self-care and healing in order to be the best partner they can be. With all of this attention to detail, you will find yourself paying attention to those you have relations with or those you want relations with. During this time, things will run a lot smoother than before.

The 3rd Pluto quincunx True Node gives us quite a challenging energy. This energy will benefit our growth in our karmic relations. Pluto is still in a retrograde motion in Capricorn while True Node is in retrograde in Gemini. Here we have the grandparent and grandchild meeting once again. However, this time it is not Saturn but Pluto who is delivering the message. Something will come to an end on this day that stems from generational karma and this lifetime. Things will move forward in a more steady manner. 

The 4th Pluto stations direct after what might have felt like forever in the dark. Now, everything is in the light. No more hiding. No more repressing. No more doing things in the background. Now, you are very well aware of all that is transpiring and what you still have to do in your evolution. You will now have the motivation and drive to continue moving forward because you will have noticed by now how far you have already come. Somethings will let up, while somethings will halt into place. Remember you DON’T want to obsess over what’s halting, but you DO want to be aware as to why it’s halting. Once you accept the why, you will come up with a solution you never saw before. 

On the 12th, Jupiter sextiles Neptune with a very magical energy. There will be a charge in the air that will make it feel like a charging port. We will all be charged up and plowing through all obstacles still standing in our way. You will clearly see on this day the solution you couldn’t see before. Nothing will stand in your way any longer. You will feel so good on this day, that even being overly confident will actually workout for you. Smile big and laugh loudly for today you have been rewarded!

On the 13th, Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio for it’s last retrograde of the year. This retrograde will be a very intense one because it starts in Scorpio but it ends in Libra. This retrograde will be focused solely on partnerships of all kinds. I know you all must be like “isn’t it always about partnerships and love,” and I am here to say no. It is NOT. Mercury is the planet of communication, swift action, and the underdog. Do keep in mind partnerships does not always mean love partnerships. During this time we will see which partnerships are no longer working, which need attention and mending, which need to commence. You will also question why you have been neglecting yourself or why you have been behaving so selfishly. I do hope this retrograde is favorable for us all, because I know I have been feeling all these shifts. 

The 16th is our new moon in Libra, bringing even more focus on our partnerships. During this time you will definitely want to focus on the partnerships that have enriched your life. You want to focus on balancing all of the things in your life. Take the time today to do something meaningful and beautiful for yourself, but also for those you love. Show your gratitude and appreciation to those who have been on your side throughout this time. Buy flowers, a piece of jewelry, or even a crystal; get something beautiful for yourself. Rejoice on this day!

On the 18th, Ceres stations direct in Aquarius. Now that it is moving forward once again, we all notice solutions to a lot of the problems 2020 gave us. Everyone will be more conscious of others, have more compassion. All of those cold judgemental thoughts, words, and actions will now be given a different perspective, because we are all now on equal grounds. We are all now realizing how truly connected we all are, and with this new found knowledge people will start to be better humanitarians in a world that needs this conscious awareness.

On the 22nd Vesta enters Virgo, giving us all a sense of warmth within ourselves. Vesta is at home in Virgo for she is the mother of the maiden. Warm fuzzy feelings will occur when thoughts of a certain someone start whirling in the mind. Everyone will want to feel at home with someone. Many will be creating space within their homes to have someone enter into their lives. We all know as the days get shorter and nights get longer, all we want is to feel safe and warm with someone. Home cooked meals will be something we all participate in now. Starting a business as a cook would benefit those who always wanted to work in the food industry. Your niche is your style of cooking while showcasing it’s homey effect. 

On the 27th, we have two events occurring in Libra. First, we have Mercury shifting it’s retrograde motion into Libra where it will remain for the rest of this transit. Do what you must do. No more weighing your options, because you have already weighed them. No more taking your time to make a decision. The time to act is NOW! Yes, many believe you should do nothing but recharge during Mercury’s retrogrades, but recharging does not require you to sit still. With some you do have to take that proactive step because the energy is just right. There are no blockages or challenges you must overcome. If anything, the door is wide open and the road is shining up ahead. Move forward now or you will sit in regret for a long time to come. 

On this same day, we have Venus entering Libra. Again, you are being called into action. During this transit your love of people, things, and places will all come into play. Have you been just taking and not giving or have you been giving and not receiving? We will be shown where there is an imbalance or where there is appreciation. This transit will have us all shocked with the end result like those tornadoes that seem to form out of nowhere. We will all be wearing ruby red slippers walking down the yellow brick road towards our new beginning we never saw coming.

On the 29th, Jupiter quincunx True Node, giving us another challenging day. However, this day’s challenge really isn’t a challenge at all. Today will be a day of questioning and receiving the answers we seek. Yeah, it might be a hard pill to swallow, but swallow it you will. Always remember, the truth is there to set you free not to hinder you. Many things will move forward and be put into place for your own good. This day will actually benefit you in the long run. So, don’t worry, because it’s all working out for you.

Lastly, on the 31st, we have our second full moon (known as a blue moon) and it’s in Taurus. FINALLY, some grounding energy! It’s also HALLOWEEN!!! MAGIC!!! You definitely want to be celebrating on this day. You want to be doing spell work of all kinds. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable in your growth. This moon will be showing you exactly where you are in life and how you achieved this through not giving up. Your determination paid off and now you are achieving things you never thought you would. Life is beautiful and so are you! Everything is now in place. Sure, you were forced to be uncomfortable for a bit, but by now you are comfortable in that discomfort. This will allow you to handle the shifting energies next month like a pro, because it isn’t over just yet.. 🙂