The full moon in Libra is on the 28th helping all to balance the month’s events. Divine intervention will happen, a golden opportunity will arise, and stepping into your leadership role will happen with this moon. You are a magnet at this time so be strategic in what you are manifesting. Everything will shift quickly, swiftly, and what seemed to be stuck or gone will no longer be stuck and what was once gone will no longer be gone. Gold is the color to work with while eating some grapes and having a glass of wine when doing your ritual tonight 🙂

Pink is another great color to work with during this Libra Full Moon. Buying flowers, decorating your home, drawing a luxurious bath, and setting your intentions are all great ways to work with the energy of this moon. Finishing up loose ends will parallel you along your journey. Partnerships of course are being highlighted for all whether good or bad is dependent on your journey and what you must either clear or open up to. The moon’s energy is the announcement of Spring and all it’s changes.

The balance that is taking place is for our betterment since it will allow movement and flow at this time. Whatever plans, strategies, and organization will now take off and unfolded perfectly. Happy Libra Full Moon!