Our new moon on the 24th is in Aries. Giving us the fuel for our big leap of faith. By now tower moments have been happening, lightning has struck several times over, epiphanies have been occurring, deja vu has been ongoing. This Aries new moon is actually the break that we need in order to slow down and to think what is next? What is my next move? Will you step aside and allow Universe to step in or will you go blindly into the night with hope in your heart being illuminated by the moon? Being impulsive during this time can go either way; so, do think twice.

The new moon is asking us to be selfless, conscious, and courageous in times of change. Being planted in reality at this pivotal time is what will keep you motivated in moving forward. Yes, everything seems uncertain but being positive will bring so many benefits and blessings.

Red and white candles will be great for intitations, purifying, healing, bravery, and fortifying your aura. Walks, eating, or drinking red fruits or vegetables will improve moods and give energy to those feeling fatigued.

Happy New Moon ?


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