The 9th of March Mercury shifts direct in Aquarius helping the changes taking place to move at a more rapid rate. There won’t be any time to think or to pause since we are also having our full moon in Virgo at this time. The Virgo energy isn’t one for change however when change is needed they take the reigns of control and make those changes happen. This day asks you to do just that. Take the reigns with confidence and trust that what is happening is happening for the better. This full moon is not a grounding one, it is however a quicksand type of movement. You really want to pay attention to detail so as to not be taken by surprise in the days to come.

Any rituals being done on this night should include dirt, flowers, plants, and focus. Spending time with animals will be beneficial and if you can be outside during the night even better. Writing an intention letter and burying it will be great also. Using brown and yellow candles for any fire work will increase the magic of your work.

Do believe in what you are doing for this will set the momentum of your work. Do your best to remain focus and grounded. The work you do now will pick up more speed once we have our new moon in Aries later on this month.