Happy May everyone! Spring is in full swing and so are the winds of change. The energy of the month will be pretty pleasant. However, towards the end of the month things will take a different direction. It could get pretty dark, but don’t worry because you will be handed a flashlight to navigate the darkness. Don’t worry so much about the darkness it’s the light illuminating things one should be aware of. The light has a great purpose this month and it’s purpose lies with you. Remember, 2021 is a 5 year and the month of May is the 5th month of the year. This is the month for a lot of manifestations that were waiting for the right timing. And that timing is now.

On May 3rd Mercury enters Gemini for a long stay at home. Mercury is at ease within the Gemini environment because it moves as it wants. Many things will happen during this transit since it’s also preparing us for it’s retrograde at the end of the month. During its direct motion things will be moving along, there will be constant stimulation, lots of communication, lots of movement with whatever was stagnant, and an overwhelming curiosity towards all those unanswered questions. Be warned don’t let your mind get the best of you and do practice LOTS of patience cause at this time things are pretty favorable. Take heed.

The 5th Jupiter quintile Uranus making it a favorable day for monetary gains. Whatever money restrictions you have had in the past will no longer be a reason for concern. Many who were having financial issues will find some sort of relief today. Others might invest in something that they would have never invested in before. Some will release themselves from an old victim mentality way of thinking. Yet, others will find freedom in a truth they thought would make them uncomfortable. Today is just one of those crazy days. 

On the 6th, True Node sextiles Chiron giving us the warrior spirit to finally face an old childhood wound. No more fear will be caused by this childhood trauma. Think back to a time you were bullied. It does not matter by whom, the important thing is to remember the feeling and to see if you are still holding onto this feeling. If so… can you see and acknowledge how this is affecting your reality? Take the action today to heal this wound once and for all. 

Ceres enters Taurus on the 8th giving all hope to those who want drastic improvements in their relationships. The job here of this dwarf planet is to illuminate the desire for commitment of all kinds, a comfortable home life to share with someone meaningful, and finding comfort in our everyday activities. In the same token, it is also showing us where we are committed, where we are comfortable, and whether or not we are comfortable within ourselves. This transit is a meaningful one for it brings the changes that are necessary to have all that we desire. Do be mindful and watch your jealousy and if you do find yourself being triggered during this time ask yourself what is causing you to be so uncomfortable? Then sit in your uncomfortableness in order to receive your answer. 

On the same day, Venus enters Gemini speeding up our minds, wants, and desires. Anything done quickly during this transit will cause big problems in the long run. You want to take your time at this time and really learn what you are liking. Especially, if you really like what you are liking. Anything worth lasting takes time; so, ask yourself is this worthy to me? Is this something or someone I want for the long haul? Once you receive your answer proceed as you see fit and allow the magic of Venus to lead the way. All relationships are worthy of time, effort, patience, and compassion. Do also keep in mind it’s not just about you, but about all those who are involved. 

The new moon in Taurus is on the 11th, and if all you do is rest… so be it. However, for those of you who are determined to get things done, this is your moon. Taurus is a very determined sign when it wants what it wants. This is where the famous stubbornness trait comes in, because there is no stopping Taurus once it’s mind is made up. So, do keep in mind to keep in mind of all that is involved in what you desire to achieve. This moon will move whatever blockages that have kept you from achieving what you want. Take charge today, for the energy is victorious. 

On the 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces preparing it’s retrograde for next month. Hold on tight kiddies for this transit is no joke. Reality will be expanded. You will see things that perhaps weren’t there before. You will be made fully aware of the truth leaving no room for escape. Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Being fully aware could be a very good thing after all. You see what you think you are seeing might not be all that factual. There might be some illusion behind it all and that illusion will be brought into the light. So, don’t worry. Instead, smile and let Jupiter lead the way. You might find this is your luckiest of times. 

Saturn retrograde Aquarius on the 23rd until October 9th. Don’t panic! Things will slow down drastically. This transit is bringing in the work that has to be done in the here and now. Yes, things will get serious and even very uncomfortable, but this must happen in order for liberation to happen. The old can not continue on as it’s time has come to an end and all that is left to do is to let it rest. Now is the time to do something you have never done before in order to free yourself from that which has been holding you back. The old can be reinvented, however, one must accept that it is old. Accept the changes and allow yourself to be reinvented. 

The 26th is the full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Anything goes with this moon. The truth no matter what will be revealed. Dreams will be profound. Going after what you want at all costs is inevitable. Passion is ignited and so are your desires. There’s nothing that can come between you and your desires. Saddle up! For your time is now! Candle colors to use during this lunar eclipse are burgundy and purple. Set your intentions high because you won’t miss.

Mercury retrograde Gemini on the 29th closing off the month with a bang. Gemini is here to amplify the energy of total lunar eclipse from a few days ago. The desire for truth is unquenchable. Gossip, spying, and ruining things out of spite is all part of this transit. Self-sabotage is the name of the game: how far will you go? What are you willing to gamble in order to gain what you want? How much do you trust your sources? You would think this Mercury retrograde would be all about miscommunication, but the truth of the matter is there is no miscommunication… perhaps a misunderstanding. If you find yourself doing things on purpose in order to get a reaction or you are on the receiving end, make sure you are fully aware of the consequences. Think five times during this retrograde, because Father Time (The Lord of Karma)  is also retrograding. So, remember karma isn’t resting; if anything, it is waiting to see your next move…

Take it easy this month, because the flip is very real and it can be quite unsteady. However, if you skip along the way, it won’t be so hard to navigate 🙂



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