May Full Moon in Scorpio 2020

On the 7th we have our full moon in Scorpio illuminating areas in our life which need fixing, renewal, newness, and burial. This moon is urging us to feel all the emotions that have been coming up in order to analyze them. Once this occurs you will feel like you reached an understanding about yourself you never had before. The energy of this moon is that of the phoenix once it has risen and is now soaring in the sky. If you find yourself in the stages before the phoenix soars in the sky then do note this is the moon for you to begin again. 

The Flower Moon is a supermoon as well. So, everything is amplified at the moment which is shedding light to the changes that must occur. Scorpio is a fixed sign meaning it can be quite fixated on things, people, and places. Yet, this moon’s purpose is to help alleviate whatever dead weight we are still carrying and insisting on making it work just because that’s what we want. Doing things in the same manner no longer works and this moon will illuminate it. To help shed this energy do a scrubbing ritual, honor your deities, have a glass of wine, and just let go. 

This moon is opening up the door to the eclipses coming this summer. Depending where your Scorpio, Pluto, Taurus, and Venus placements are that’s where the most illumination will be given. May your healing bring you all that which you desire into the material 🙂

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