The 26th is the full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Anything goes with this moon. The truth no matter what will be revealed. Dreams will be profound. Going after what you want at all costs is inevitable. Passion is ignited and so are your desires. There’s nothing that can come between you and your desires. Saddle up! For your time is now! Candle colors to use during this lunar eclipse are burgundy and purple. Set your intentions high because you won’t miss.

Be forewarned the intensity of this eclipse won’t go unnoticed. Triggers will happen in order to give you a more profound understanding of the healing that is occurring. Choices will materialize for some, while others will be walking away, and others will be starting anew where they least expected it. Lucky turn of events will happen for some, others might have an unlucky series of events but yet how unlucky is it, really? 

Meanwhile, others will wake up with a sudden burst of motivation to get shit done. Epiphanies are a given, out of nowhere communication, dreams with direction, and clarification are all energies many will be working with and receiving. Abundance is happening, spiritual alignment is transpiring, divine timing is present, and knowing you are one with the Universe empowers all magik done during this total lunar eclipse. Aim your arrow. You will make your mark 🙂

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