May New Moon in Gemini 2020

May’s new moon is all about forward thinking with surprising messages from the heavens above. Out of the blue solutions, unexpected communication, information overload, and distractions will have everyone in a whirlwind. Childhood memories and trauma are a focal point for healing to occur. Wanting to charge full speed ahead is exactly where we must slow down in order to get a very clear precise aerial view. Slow down and listen not only will you receive your answer but you will also see how exactly to proceed ahead 🙂 

Our new moon on the 22nd in Gemini is leading the way into unity. Yet, this moon will highlight the children of the world and what it means to be a child during this time. Children will have answers to solutions adults could have ever imagined. Communication of all kinds will be taking place in all innovative ways. Candles of pastels colors, angelite, amber, and selenite crystals will help in receiving clear messages from the heavens above. 

Energy boosting rituals and  routines will have everyone feeling great while undertaking any task or challenge. Thank the heavens for all is in the clear now 🙂

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