Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde started today and will continue until April 4th. 3 times a year Mercury does it’s thing for about a month long; where everything starts going haywire. In this time period a lot of reelevating, redoing, research, miscommunication, breakups, technology failures happen during this time. Time even seems to slow down a bit. People you haven’t seen or heard from all come back. Asking for another chance. Just remember some things are meant to be left in the past.

Horoscopes for Mercury Retrograde, I will only be using the sword cards.

Aries: Things will be turning around for you dear Aries. If things have been going splendidly well, unfortunately this won’t be lasting for to long. Be prepared for anything during this time. If things have been going badly then this retrograde will get things in order for you. Be aware of problems in your working environment. Maybe, it’s time to look for a new job.

Taurus: This retrograde is asking you to balance your life out. Gone should be the days of weakness and separation. I am asking you Taurus to find the strength within you to move forward during this time. Don’t let doubt, indecision be the theme for this retrograde. Lessons wills be learned….falsehood, distortion, lies, and betrayal are things you must face and learn from during this transit. Hang in there it will all be over on April 4th.

Gemini: Your ruling planet is doing it’s thing during this month until April 4th. You will be daring during this period. Double check your work. Passion and willingness to create will be a major theme for you in this upcoming transit. Your rivals are out there waiting for you to fail but you won’t. Not with that quick mind of your.

Cancer: DO NOT GET OVERWHELM this Mercury Retrograde. Fear can NOT be your constant companion, now! Feelings of isolation,  pain, humiliation, and revenge are things surfacing for you during this transit. Double THINK before you act on feelings of insecurity. Not everything is what it seems.

Leo: This Retrograde is bringing you nothing but HOPE dear Leo!! You are confident about your future and nothing is clouding your judgment. Even while people want to argue with you during this time, you confidently win every argument brought to you. Even though you will be relaxing at this time make sure those who slander against you understand why that is such a big problem for them to do s.

Virgo: Pondering will be your theme at this time. Reason, critical, intelligence, distancing, and objective will be how you handle things and people during this period. You can even be cruel, revengeful, violent, and sadistic…at your worse just imposing your will on others. Learn to relax during this transit don’t make things worse just because you know you can. If you are bored then leave your comfort zone and venture outside…the weather is nice and it will do wonders for your spirit!

Libra: Mercury is asking you to be FIRM during his transit. You will be full of energy, strength, power, aggressiveness, and abstract thoughts. Do think twice before opening your mouth otherwise disaster and obstacles will be what you encounter. Use that Libra charm to get what you want during this transit. Just do try not to make the same mistakes from the past. The past is the past for a reason…..

Scorpio: During this time you will come to a lot realizations and endings. These things must happen in order for one to grow. Look to your closest relationship and really ask yourself if these relationships are good for you. Is this the job you need? Should you change your diet? Maybe, it’s time to leave your romantic relationship. Take this time to be alone and really think about your present and where you will be in the future and with whom.

Sagittarius: For awhile now feelings of unhappiness, doubt, sorrow, fear, desperation, have all been things on your mind but why? Are you putting these feelings there or is someone else doing it for you? Ask yourself this and really think about what must be done to stop all this. Yes, it is a CHANGE but if you do not take matters in your own hands, well the cosmos will take care of doing it for you. In the most speculator of ways. Rapidly and destructively, it is with these type of changes one really learns their life’s lesson.

Capricorn: Feelings of nostalgia, childhood memories, childhood friends all come back during this transit. Your curiosity is on over drive, learn all you can now. Gossip, rumors, lies, revenge, malicious cruelty should NOT be a part of your agenda during this Retrograde. Just remember what you put out there it will come back to you 7 times fold. Why, not humbly continue on your road instead?

Aquarius: This transit will be a hard one for you. Regret, defeat, and humiliation, setbacks, and obstacles are things you will face and must face alone. Feeling threaten is something you must ask yourself if you are bring upon yourself or if someone out there really has it out for you. Perhaps, it is time to understand you don’t know everything and let others show you what you must know.

Pisces: During this retrograde you will hear rumors and finally put them to rest. Fights might break out because of these rumors but the question lies…are you starting these rumors or are you the one being bashed on? Retreat, solitude, and isolating yourself will be best at this time. You need time to think about all that is happening. If you are the one causing problems, exile and agitated will be how your friends and loved ones will leave you during this transit.

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