October 1st is the full moon in Aries. Many will be destroying while others will be initiating. If you happen to be doing both, do know it will all workout however make sure you are leaving room for the Universe to do what it must. You are not in control but you are in control of your reactions, emotions, and temperament. This moon has a very powerful energetic pull towards people, places, and things that will have you even surprised with how persistent you become. Do remember fire is our friend so, any rituals you are doing today; please, make sure the fire element is involved. Also, red, black, and white candles are great conduits for your magic tonight.

This moon is pivotal for all in the way that it will help clear the path of all debris. There will be nothing blocking your way in order to ram forward with your action. Cause trust when I say you will be taking action no matter if you are freeing yourself or beginning anew. Life has changed tremendously this year and it’s not even over yet. This is only the beginning of the huge turning of events that still have not transpired.

Make a wish also tonight but do remember to not be impulsive in anything that you do. Yes, at times being impulsive does pay off however this moon’s energy is asking us to proceed confidently but also to be aware. Only because the blue moon at the end of the month will amplify the work we are doing with tonight’s full moon.