Today is the new moon in Libra bringing even more focus on our partnerships. At this time you will definitely want to focus on the partnerships that have enriched your life. You want to focus on balancing all of the things in your life. Take the time today to do something meaningful and beautiful for yourself but also for those you love. Show your gratitude and appreciation to those who have been on your side throughout this time. Buy flowers, buy a piece of jewelry, or a crystal, get something beautiful for yourself. Rejoice on this day!

Candles to work with are pink, white, and yellow. Pink for love of all kinds including self-love. White for clarity, purification, and calmness and yellow for illumination. When lighting your candles you want to be in gratitude and smiling 🙂 

This moon is all about balance, equality, and fairness however it is also a reminder to care for yourself. By doing so you will be much better for yourself and for others. 

Happy New Moon!

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