On the 31st, we have our second full moon (known as a blue moon) and it’s in Taurus. FINALLY, some grounding energy! It’s also HALLOWEEN!!! MAGIC!!! You definitely want to be celebrating on this day. You want to be doing spell work of all kinds. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable in your growth. This moon will be showing you exactly where you are in life and how you achieved this through not giving up. Your determination paid off and now you are achieving things you never thought you would. Life is beautiful and so are you! Everything is now in place. Sure, you were forced to be uncomfortable for a bit, but by now you are comfortable in that discomfort. This will allow you to handle the shifting energies next month like a pro, because it isn’t over just yet🙂

If however you are experiencing changes which are making you uncomfortable just know it’s for your own betterment. Without these changes you would not have moved forward because you were so comfortable. No, matter what it is whether it is a negative or positive the point of the matter is you are being made to change. Change will only happen when it is time no one can force change or control it all you can do is experience it. Even if you are experiencing pain it’s only temporary until that peace takes over. 

You can work with the colors blue, green, pink, and white. Incorporate flowers to your rituals and spell work and if you use blue flowers even better. You can of course go hiking or just go be with nature. If you want to work with the fire element go ahead and do so. You can also work with the water and air element; remember it’s a blue moon so anything goes. Use all the elements to your benefit and remember to be strong in your intent. 

Gratitude will also take you far with this blue moon. You now see the future because you are in it. Happy Halloween 🙂