Wise Old Sage
Spiritual Healer

I was first introduce to the world of Astrology at the age of 12, I discovered the Tarot at 15 years of age. I consider myself a student of the universe. I study its language and its dance. My abilities include and are not limited to the understanding of astrological shifts, dream symbolism and interpretation, and a vast, dedicated knowledge of shadow work. I specialized and excel in a thorough and unique way of tarot card interpretations.

As I expand so do my abilities. My consultations are not just for those who live in a normal day-to-day but they are also for those who dwell in the magical world we partake in. I am certified Reiki Master and Access Bars Practitioner for those seeking healing.  My light is there for those who are seeking, for those who are stuck, for those who need encouragement, and for those who need healing but most importantly for those who need to believe once again in the magik! Spiritual healing is not for the faint of heart but for those strong enough to believe in the vastness of our world…our transcendence.