July 2021 Cancer New Moon

July 9th is the new moon in Cancer giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the moon is more about connecting, feeling, resting, and sharing with those you feel safe and secure with. Even if you find yourself alone, and not enjoying the quiet, and feeling uncomfortable it’s only because the moon is […]

July Flaming The Heat of Transmutation 2021

July is bringing the flames of renewal or destruction. The choice is yours, my friends. Recall we have four major planets retrograding as well as one asteroid (Juno). This month we will have two more asteroids joining in on the fun. There won’t be anything quiet about July. It will however have everyone’s emotions running […]

Capricorn Full Moon June 2021

On the 24th is the Capricorn full moon giving us all an amplified energy of recognition. Rewards, unexpected money, job opportunities, travel for work, solidifying contracts, breaking free from old contracts, giving into pleasure, but most importantly recognizing how far you have come on your own are all the blessings of this powerful super moon. […]

June New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse Gemini 2021

The 10th is the new moon annular solar eclipse in Gemini. Remember, I said in my last article this eclipse will amplify the eclipse from last month which was in Sagittarius. The truth was revealed, however, some are now more curious and others are getting to the bottom of things. No more hiding behind false […]

June Reality Expansion 2021

I am sorry to my faithful readers. It has taken me so long to do June’s astrological forecast. I took a much needed vacation with my daughter in beautiful Savannah. I am now ready to dive deep into June’s energy with all of you. I do hope you all are well because things will get […]