Reiki Distant Healing is the technique of sending healing energy to the receiver without any physical touch. Energy is a force we are all familiar with. The majority of the time our energy is depleted from our every day living. Reiki helps with the clearing, moving, and healing of energy. Reiki also helps with stress, sadness, and overthinking and at the same time it leaves the receiver feeling calm and at peace. Please, have a quiet space to receive and the open mindedness to receive the benefits of Reiki healing. You will receive an email with details of when your session and how it will take place. 

Reiki also works best in person if you are interested in an in person session you must email me at The price for in person is different and it also includes the cost of travel. 

All services will be processed and delivered in a timely manner.

******DISCLAIMER******* You must be 18 years or over to purchase a session.******NO REFUNDS********