On September 2nd, the full moon in Pisces is showing us exactly where the changes have occurred. This moon’s energy has been being felt for days now. Once the moon is full, the revealments that will be shown will have many experiencing different feelings of of shock, disillusion, focus, sadness, overzealous, reservement, cautiousness, and sleepiness. This moon is like a mirror showing you everything you must see in order to make the leap you must make in order to continue on with the changes you have been experiencing thus far. There is no turning back now and time is of the essence when doing any magical work. Blue and white candles are favorable, cleaning house, taking stock, and having a good comfort meal will be good for any ritualistic work being done. 

The full moon is giving us the clarity we need for this new month. Approaching this month with a new perspective is really what we all need. As the weather cools down for some of us and the leaves begin to change we realize we are in the change we so desperately wanted. Now, we take stock to see if this is the reality we really wanted. You will realize with this moon that seeing things for what they are is really the best approach to continue on with the changes you have been making. 

Light your candles, have a glass of wine, and think back to this time last year and see where you are at this very moment. Remember how last year you couldn’t see the forest for it’s trees well now look where you are. Standing amongst them.

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