September’s Horoscope

Aries stop living in a fantasy world! Don’t let others opinions confuse yours. Learn to distinguish between the truth and delusions. Keep your faith and trust in yourself and the universe. How many times have you let yourself down compare to others letting you down? Since, when do the opinions of others matter to you so much? Be yourself and ram through this month like the war god that you are!

Taurus spying, lies, rumors, verbal disputes, and causing conflicts on purpose should not be something to look forward to this month. Just because someone doesn’t agree, like you, or aren’t up to par with your standards doesn’t make it okay to be a douche this month. Remember what you put out there will always come back to you 20 times worse. So, be patient and careful this month for your karma depends on it.

Gemini what’s with all the indecision this month? What has you hesitating? Why, are you allowing your mind to work over time with the simplest decision? Its okay to want to be careful and not rush into things but if you just sit and think for too long you will miss every opportunity being thrown your way this month. Listen to your heart and you will see how easy your decisions become.

Cancer is month is a magical one for you. Everything you touch turns into gold. Your mind is alert and your heart is open to the infinite possibilities the universe provides. Once you change your way of thinking you will be dumbfound on how easily and positively things come to you. The universe loves you and it wants to see you happy! Enjoy it! Make a wish on brightest star you see for it will come true sooner than you think! ♥♥♥

Leo save your money!!! Stop wasting it on useless things. Stop and think do I really need that name brand outfit? Do you have to go out to eat every night? Is there something you have always wanted but never buy it because you always find yourself broke? Being frugal never hurt anyone; why not try it this time around. You will be surprise how much money you do save by the end of the month.

Virgo being self reliant comes easy to you. You know you don’t need anyone to help you. Your keen mind doesn’t allow for mistakes. Yet, this month is asking you not to be so selfish and arrogant for once. Understand you can’t do everything by yourself not only can you make mistakes but rushing through things will leave you with more work than you wanted.

Libra this month finds you giving in to your vices a lot more. You can become obsessive, money hungry, explosively angry, possessive, and jealous in a matter of seconds. Slow down on your food intake, drinking, shopping, and or whatever other vice you might have. You need balance this month not to go from one extreme to the other. In the end it will only affect you.

Scorpio things will come to light this month which will cause conflicts. Unfortunately, these secrets needed to come out in order for you to move forward. You can’t keep secrets at all times. As much as you don’t want to have problems this month it will be problem after another if you keep being so secretive! Let things fall apart for once to see who really is capable of being by your side…whether its a friendship, business partner, or a romantic one.

Sagittarius this month is all about your faith and strength. They will come into question more often than before. Use your strength for the better instead of causing conflicts which might not resolve the way you want them to. If you are questioning your faith then perhaps its time to sit quietly and listen to your inner self; instead of others useless ramblings.

Capricorn this month many things will end for you. A lot of things you have been holding onto no longer are useful for you. You gotta learn when to let it go and move on from people and things that no longer serve you. How can you prepare for your future if you carry around dead weight. Use your insight and wisdom for yourself this time around.

Aquarius this month finds you reflecting on past mistakes which are hunting you. You need to let go of your past in order fix your present situations. Reflection is good but do not dwell in what if or could have beens. Let go and move forward…for your future is a bright one.

Pisces this month is about weighing your options. Being fair & diplomatic will be essential this month. Watch your words and cut back on the sarcasm. When you think about what you want to say and deliver your words with charm; you will notice how others do what you want them to do.

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