Aquarius New Moon February 2021

The Aquarius new moon of the 11th is the turn of events we all knew was coming. The energy is anything goes so just go with it. Nothing wrong with not knowing it at the moment the events are turning. Remain open minded, release all expectations, and be ready to receive the inconceivable. Crown and solar plexus chakra activation, clearing, balancing, and upgrading will be undeniable. 

This new moon is a powerful one because at this time we find ourselves in a seven stellium Aquarius party! What does this mean for our new moon? Well, it means you better think outside of the box and set your sight high. No holding back with today’s rituals. Today is the day to bring your future into the present moment. 

Timeline jumping is very probable. Manifestation warping in speed. So, let go of all attachments and expectations and let the Universe do what it does best. The surprises in store will leave no room for misinterpretation. Working with the colors blue and white will help amplify the electric charge in the air. Open the windows or go outside for a walk and let the winds of change whisk you away into your new dimension. 



December The Month That Changes Everything(2020)

It’s the last month of the year already, and what a year it has been! You know the saying, “save the best for last”? Well, December promises to be just that... the best for last. We ended November with an eclipse in Gemini, handing us truths we all needed. December is going to have us living in those truths and being thankful for all the changes that have occurred thus far. December is going to be a very intense month full of changes, blessings, miracles, love, and collective shifting. We will all wonder where the hell all the energy is coming from, but darlings, the energy has always been there. Now is the time to see it, feel it, and be it.

On the 1st, Mercury will be shifting into Sagittarius which will help us all to speak our truth. We do have to be mindful we aren’t being too apathetic when communicating with others. Be aware everyone will want to say what they've been wanting to say and it may not be spoken in a very soft manner. Do your best not to take things personally, and always ask yourself “how can I say this in a nice way?” If you find that you can't be soft and sympathetic, then perhaps it’s best not to say it at the moment. You can always come back to it and communicate it when the time is more appropriate.

On the 7th, we have Pallas shifting into Aquarius once again bringing us fresh new ideas and concepts to explore. Throughout the year Pallas kept shifting from Capricorn to Aquarius, giving us insight in our way of thinking and how we thought of the world. As we finish off the year we will be viewing the world very different with very different ideas of our world. Throughout the year I kept talking about our evolution as a collective. Well, today I am here to say this transit is more about your evolution on a personal level. Look back to the beginning of 2020 and compare where you were to where you are now. Do you love where you are now? Do you love the person you are evolving to? How much better can you make your life at this very moment? What unique ways can you do to keep your evolution going? Trust the Universe all will be extraordinary.

On the 14th, our new moon and the last (total solar) eclipse of the year will be in Sagittarius. This moon is an amplifier to November’s full moon lunar eclipse, which happened at the end of the month. During that moon we all received messages and a lot of them were in truth while others were not. It was up to you to know which messages were divine (in truth) and which were false (in fear). This solar eclipse is giving us the strength to keep on moving forward with optimism and hope. Working with the colors red, purple, and silver would be beneficial in your work today. Daydreams and dreams will give you all the answers that you need.

On the 15th, we have two planetary shifts happening. The first one is Venus shifting into Sagittarius. Here the love planet helps us all to free ourselves from any toxic binds, from the liars, and it helps us to express our emotions without any remorse. Do be mindful again, because you don’t want to be saying something you might regret later. Do everything honestly, but with tact. Do expect to hear from people you haven’t heard from in a long while.

We also have Chiron stationing direct in Aries on the 15th. Finally! After five months of it being in backward motion it finally starts moving forward once again. This shift in motion will be felt because you will finally feel a sense of relievement. As if you have been carrying something heavy and now you can put it down and walk away from it. That is exactly what we are all going to do with this transit. Whatever inner healing you have been doing this year now will be the time you feel like you just completed this healing. You will feel light and move forward a lot quicker than you were before.

On the 17th, we have Saturn entering into Aquarius for the next three years. I do hope you are all prepared for the big changes we will all go through. Yes, we have all been going through changes, however, when Saturn was in Capricorn it shifted our attention to our foundation. Now, that it is in Aquarius we will all go through changes with our knowingness of things in our lives. Experiences will be very different from what we are accustomed to doing. The things that will be changing will be our way of thinking, how we express ourselves, how we help one another, how we connect with others, and how we go about providing a life for ourselves and those we care about.

On the 18th, Juno shifts into Sagittarius bringing awareness, truth, and freedom today to our relationships. This transit will help us better understand exactly what we need as humans when it comes to love. Friendships, work relationships, family, and love partnerships will all come under observation and a thorough assessment of where things truly stand. Deep feelings will surface up and be communicated with an honest integrity that will leave no room for misinterpretation. Relationships that take off at this time will be done with an honest heart.

On the19th, we have Jupiter entering Aquarius for a year's stay. This transit is all about gaining more knowledge than you had previously. Experiences will be unique to the individual, causing changes and enlightenment never seen or felt before. Think back to 2009 when Jupiter was last in Aquarius. What exactly did you learn at that time and what knowledge did you gain that left you with a knowingness you didn’t have before. Now, Jupiter will bring enlightenment in areas we didn’t have before. Blessings and miracles will occur in the most unusual ways. Connections will be unusual only because the majority of people aren’t accustomed to being connected with others. Changes will be big and wild, however, there will be a sense of peace when the changes are occuring. So, do enjoy this transit, just keep aware of those outside your inner circle. Do something you have never done before to bring you where you never thought you would be :-)

On the 20th, we have Mercury shifting into Capricorn giving us the energy to have those serious talks we might have been putting off or quite frankly been distracted from having. Now is the time to get serious and to implement plans that no longer need to be talked about or imagined. Remember, this year was all about restructuring your foundation and now you are decorating the inside of your house. You did a great job and now you get to enjoy the harvest of your hard work. You can now show it to the world and speak about how you manage to get it all done.

On the 21st, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn and what a conjunction it will be. If you didn’t believe we are in the Age of Aquarius, you will believe it now. This day the most unusual things will happen and there will be no room for questioning. If you have found yourself being attached to things, situations, or people today will be the day you are set free. And it won’t be because you are doing it per say but because the Universe is moving and making way for what needs to come in. Whatever connections aren’t serving will go away all of a sudden and whatever connections must come in will do so all of a sudden. This day is the beginning of the new way of doing things.

Lastly, on the 29th, we have our last full moon of the year in Cancer. This moon is the moon to bring it all together. This moon is going to show us all what the year 2020 truly was about. It’s like putting a video cassette (remember those?) in a VCR and rewinding it. Your mind and heart will do the rewind, and if you missed something this moon will grant you the opportunity to grasp it once again. A long awaited wish will occur with this moon. A feeling of safety and protection will be felt. Dreams will be lived out in our waking hours and being able to feel the reality of our dreams will help us in this process of our new life.

Wow! I can’t believe it’s December, and 2020 is almost done. I am feeling all sorts of feelings as I finish up this forecast. I am thankful that I get to fulfill my life’s purpose and that I do what I LOVE. I am thankful to each and every single one of my readers, clients, and followers. Without you I would not be where I am now doing what I love to do. The Metaphysics is not for those who don’t believe, but it is for those who do believe. Not only do we believe, but we live in our belief. 2021 will be a big year of changes; 2020 was just the gate opener. I am so happy to be here with all of you in these times of change.


August Aquarius Full Moon 2020

August 3rd is the full moon in Aquarius, and nothing says shock factor like a full moon in Aquarius. You just never know what you will get out of this moon. It’s like playing dice; you can blow on the dice for luck, but that does not mean it will roll in your favor. This isn’t the moon to do anything with; however, this is the moon that will be doing things to you. Some might feel uneasy, others will have unexpected news, some might even have tower moment after tower moment, and yet others might just retreat in order to recharge. It really all depends on your journey of self discovery. Do note, discovery is what we all will be experiencing. So, just sit back and relax. Let the moon do what it must. 

However, if you do decide to do anything with this moon working with blue and white candles will be a good choice. Drinking lots of water will be beneficial. Spending time outdoors will help clear the mind of all the clutter from days gone by. Doing some humanitarian work will bless you for days to come however don’t do it with ego in hand. Rearranging and organizing will also help to clear not only your space but your mind as well. Doing any mind exercises will help to strengthen the mind and give you a clear indication of the days to come. 

The Aquarius full moon will help to illuminate whatever must be worked on. Do take your time. Write all your ideas down and whatever other thoughts come to mind. This moon is not one to do anything in a rush or half assed. Keep in mind the overall picture!


Saturn Transits Aquarius March 21, 2020-June 30, 2020


Saturn enters Aquarius for the next three years bringing him back home since the rediscovery of Uranus who is the ruler now of Aquarius. However, back in the day Saturn not only ruled Capricorn it also ruled Aquarius. Hence, why so many believe Aquarius to be this cold hearted sign which is not true; they just rather not have their emotions in the way of logical progression. These next coming of years will have people wondering what in the hell did they do to be experiencing such shocking changes. Whether these changes are good or bad doesn’t really matter. What matters is getting people to step up to the plate of what is their feelings, thoughts, consideration, comfort, and humanitarian progression.

The Saturn transits are always life changing and it’s trajectory does a little back and forth at times. So, right now we have Saturn in Aquarius but in July it will go back to Capricorn(it’s home sign)until December 15, 2020. In this time frame we will be evaluating the progress we made from March when Saturn started it’s transit in Aquarius. However, we will also think about the past three years to do a side by side comparison of what has been accomplished. Whatever, things we weren’t able to accomplish now would be the time to reevaluate and get started. Here we will notice though that not only are we doing good for ourselves but we are doing good for those we love as well.

So, for these next coming of months while Saturn is in Aquarius the whole world will experience an awakening never seen before. People will be made aware of all the upheavals caused by humanity. Bringing an awareness never experienced before and with this new found awareness it brings solutions to everyday living. Now, if humanity decides to continue to operate in the fashion it has been operating the upheaval will turn into utter destruction. By July the powers to be should be very well aware of new methods of cohabiting with all that exists. This also includes the people becoming awakened to their greed as well. Whatever, karma comes up during this time you are being shown why it is there, how to go about fixing it, when to let go, where to forgive, and who you will be doing this work with.

Aquarius' motto is “I Know” while Capricorn’s motto is “I Use”. Do your best to be aware of how you are using these mantras in your life. Because, these mantras can become a curse during this time. Gratitude with humanitarian work is the way to go. Here is where you will find your path for the next coming of years.


March Madness 2020

Beautiful March is here blessing us with new energy however whether you see it as a blessing or curse still remains to be seen. This month will be a long one of constant change at a speed which will feel like turbulence. The shifts will be so profound some will be vomiting their old patterns away. While, others will do everything to hold on to the old which will cause them to lose an arm. Yet, others will allow the wind of change to carry them to the open road up ahead. Let us see how the month will progress.

On March 4th we have Mercury shifting it’s retrograde into Aquarius. We will feel the impact of this energy shift it will knock our socks off. It will feel like we are back in grade school having an embarrassing moment in front of the whole student body. You would think we would have some relief however all those inner conflicts that were being bought up while Mercury was in Pisces is now front and center to be handled. Now, is the time to really figure out what needs to be dealt with and what needs to be let go of completely. 

On this same day we have Venus entering Taurus and the planet of love is asking us what do we love? Here the planetary energies are quite amusing to say the least. We have Aquarius ruler Uranus in Taurus since a year ago and will remain there for several years. This energy has been making us aware of our comfort levels with our career, finances, and home. Now, with Venus in Taurus which is Taurus ruler at the moment until it’s true ruler is assigned to them our comfort levels will be front and center. Remember, we have Mercury in Aquarius(another fixed sign)so the changes we will experience during this time will be life altering. What you think you love is not love it is comfort and what you feel is discomfort is where you gotta analyze the reality of what is bringing this on. 

The 9th of March Mercury shifts direct in Aquarius helping the changes taking place to move at a more rapid rate. There won’t be any time to think or to pause since we are also having our full moon in Virgo at this time. The Virgo energy isn’t one for change however when change is needed they take the reigns of control and make those changes happen. This day asks you to do just that. Take the reigns with confidence and trust that what is happening is happening for the better. This full moon is not a grounding one, it is however a quicksand type of movement. You really want to pay attention to detail so as to not be taken by surprise in the days to come.

Mercury shifts back into Pisces on the 16th and will remain there until the middle of April. At this time we will continue healing our inner wounds which were caused by our own imaginings. However, this time around we will be able to get to the core of our wounds. We will make strides with our healing because Universe will supply not only the strength to face ourselves but it will also provide the people who we have to do the healing with. A lot of our healing is for our own betterment however some of it is also for others who were involved to receive their healing as well. You see shadow work is not for the weak of heart or the weak of mind and some of it does require others involvement. 

On March 19th we have Uranus sextiling in True Node in Cancer which will bring some harmony to us. Remember, Uranus is in Taurus and today we feel a nice harmonizing of energies. Unexpect, beautiful surprises will be had. People will be taken aback by the shocking news being received. Miracles will occur, psychic visions will be so vivid you will think whatever you are seeing is actually happening. Gratitude on this day will not go without acknowledgement. 

The 21st of March has two transits happening propelling us into fast movement in progressing with our growth. Saturn enters Aquarius for the next three years bringing him back home since the rediscovery of Uranus who is the ruler now of Aquarius. However, back in the day Saturn not only ruled Capricorn it also ruled Aquarius. Hence, why so many believe Aquarius to be this cold hearted sign which is not true; they just rather not have their emotions in the way of logical progression. These next coming of years will have people wondering what in the hell did they do to be experiencing such shocking changes. Whether these changes are good or bad doesn't really matter what matter is getting people to step up to the plate of what is their feelings, thoughts, consideration, comfort, and humanitarian progress.

In the same token we also have Vesta entering Gemini who is going to strike us all into questioning what we are devoted to and what our spirituality means to us. Questions of what and who have I been devoting myself to will take place. What have I been sacrificing of myself in order to appease others will arise. Questioning our sexual encounters will take on a different meaning and wondering if our spirituality ties into all of this will help in the healing process of our avatar.

The 23rd we have Jupiter(which is in Capricorn) in quintile with Chiron(which is in Aries). Here we are given the chance to be inspired and aspire to make a big leap in our self growth. This day will feel very magical, frequency jumps will occur, and vibrational shifts will be felt. Don’t be surprised if things catch fire, if you find yourself breaking things, and or finding today is one of your luckiest days. You see what is happening is you are being rewarded for whatever big healing you have been doing thus far. Smile and take a selfie for you deserve this day!

Our new moon the next day of the 24th is happening in Aries giving us more fuel for our big leap of faith. By now tower moments have been happening, lightning has struck several times over, epiphanies have been occurring, deja vu has been ongoing. So, this Aries new moon is actually the break that we need in order to slow down and to think what is next? What is my next move? Will you step aside and allow Universe to step in or will you go blindly into the night with hope in your heart being illuminated by the moon? Being impulsive during this time can go either way; so, do you!

Finally, on March 30th we have Mars entering Aquarius fanning the flames that have been ignited. Risk taking, being impulsive, brutal, being number one in everything that you are doing, and feeling the competitiveness of this energy will have everyone wilding out. Feeling strongly on certain issues will be on the agenda and making those changes will happen. There will be no reasoning just doing. Do practice caution though and be safe because sparks can and will turn into massive flames that will destroy everything within sight. All that hard work you have been doing to pursue whatever you have been pursuing will be burned to the ground. No, phoenix will be rising just starting over will be your option but then again perhaps rethinking your strategy will be the better choice. 

This month has given us the surprises we needed in order to  help in shifting the collective into a much higher frequency. Humanitarian work will be big this month and for the next coming of years. Advances in technology which will help us in doing humanitarian work with ease. Will also help heal all the karmic damage humans have inflicted onto this reality. Science will prove that when we join together we make a better species. We can evolve however our leaps and bounds have to occur now in order for our evolution to continue to progress.