Aries New Moon April 2021

This new moon is no joke. This is definitely the moon you want to work with as it will initiate the beginning of something new in your life. At this time, there is a stellium in Aries as there are several planets and asteroids in Aries. Anything that is started today will be for the long haul and anything that does end today will not be reborn. It will end so something new can begin. The colors to work with today are black, pink, and red. Be confident in what you are doing today, and trust that it’s all working out for your highest potential. Today is your day to claim your power! Remember He-Man, “I got the power”!

This Aries new moon will also cement how you are in the here and now. You are progressing even if it seems you are not; trust that you are. Going back is no longer an option and whatever does come back is renewed. Today is a day of confidence, of facing your fears head on, and of exuberance energy. The energy feels new and welcoming so, why not embrace this? Put your weapon down and allow the Universe to show the way to your heart’s truest desires. 

Do something exciting; something that will make you feel alive. Happy New Moon!