Cancer the Protector

Cancer the Protector
Ruler: Moon
Element: Water
~I lead with my intuition ~

Cancer how to write about you? I FEEL I must be honest with your description. The first of the water signs and the second cardinal leader of the zodiac. Much has been said about you. Yet, people are still left in total shock of what you are like. They don't grasp why you fluctuate from one emotion to the other. How is it possible someone can feel so much and not go insane? Well, I am not saying you are but being ruled by the Moon herself does make you very hard to capture and let alone understand.

Cancer can be one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Full of love, laughter, and comfort. Not only is their personality beautiful but so are their eyes. You see; their eyes hold the glimmer of the Moon; they are bright and deep and full of mystery. Yet, its their hearts which will captive you the most. You can not believe how one person could care so much, shed so many tears but still smile that warm smile of theirs. 

The thing about Cancer is their ever-changing moods. It changes as often as the moon changes phases and the ocean's current. One day you will witness a tsunami of a depression with no hopes of surviving. The next day you will be confused to see the brightest smile on their majestic faces. Yet, the following day you won't understand where the tidal wave of anger has come from. What ever you do don't pity them. They aren't looking for pity just to be understood. The Cancer person can not fathom why people aren't more expressive with their emotions. They know expressing your emotions is a healthy thing to do. It helps you grow and understand. Just remember as much as they express their emotions their jealousy also does get expressed. It's best to make sure you aren't lying either because they will see through your lies and they will emotionally torture you until you come clean. 

Cancer is also a very creative person. Art, photography, cooking, & designing are great outlets for them. Money is their specialty; they know how to get it, make it grow, and save it. They understand the value of money more than Taurus but that's only because they love money just as much as they love themselves. Money is the great savior of all things. It brings food, comfort, and happiness. They may seem stingy because they are constantly saving or hiding their money but that's far from the truth. They are giving with their money and they will show you by buying you the best of the best. What's the point in buying cheap if you are only going to have to buy it again? Doesn't make sense to waste money so stupidly! 

Just do remember Cancer is represented by the crab. They will cling onto anything, whether it's a person, a thing, or a memory. It does not matter.  To be a crab in a massive body of ocean you gotta learn how to hang on and be tough in the ever-changing water. This applies in the real world just as well. It's hard to come by people of value, material items worth while, and perfect memories in this crazy world. At the end of the day this gentle person just wants someone who can help them enjoy the beauty of the night. Don't you see there's nothing to be afraid of...the light of the moon glows ever so gently...walk side by side with me and I promise you a most beautiful, majestic, and understanding heart....Cancer the Protector will always protect what they value the most...if you open this crab up you will have the most loyal person by your will never be without love, a home, and protection. 

The Signs

The Cardinals signs:
1) Aries=Natural born leader.
2) Cancer= A understanding leader.
3) Libra=A fair leader.
4) Capricorn: Wisest of leaders.

The Fixed Signs:
1)Taurus= Handles your home and finances.
2)Leo= Corrects the drama in your life.
3)Scorpio= Corrects or enhances your fear of love.
4)Aquarius= Corrects your normalness and rigidity.

The Mutable Signs:
1)Gemini= Will NOT adapt to you; you must adapt to them.
2)Virgo= Will adapt only if there is reason and no emotional nonsense.
3)Sagittarius= Will adapt to you but they DEMAND the same from you.
4)Pisces= Will be ONE with you; don’t make them regret it though….