November 2021-How Much Does Your Worth Mean To You?

Happy November! I know today is the 8th making this energy update super late. However, good things are worth the wait. I am sure by now everyone has gathered enough information to realize what the theme of the month is. No? Well, let me inform you then. Let’s get started :-)

On the 4th, we had our new moon in Scorpio... and, oh boy, was that an intense moon. Whatever came up for you was for you and you alone. It was the Universe’s way of showing and telling you that you need to pay attention and make some changes now. The energy was not one of rebirth but it was of death. Death to all things hindering you in your growth and transmutation. Feelings came up to be understood, felt, and processed. There really was no choice in the matter. You see you can’t continue on with your growth without accepting the things you hadn’t accepted. All those things you thought you had understood weren’t understood only because it was so much more deeper than originally thought. You were made to acknowledge it so you could accept what was happening in the here and now. I hope you all made it out more alive and stronger than before. 

On the next day, the 5th, Venus entered Capricorn for a very long stay. Venus got super comfortable here quickly. Her stay is until next year as she will be waltzing backwards starting in December, and will remain in retrograde in Capricorn until March when the planet stations direct. During this time right now and throughout the transit, our awareness is made to be on worthiness, value, and respect. Anything or anyone that you determine isn’t of value to you in any way will be brought to your attention to release. Not to fix, but to let go of in order to bring in something else of more value. Even if this includes people, you will be given the opportunity to address it yourself before Venus starts her retrograde next month. Home and work will also go under evaluation and if anything isn’t up to par, you will bring it up to par. Investing in yourself, your home, your career, your friends, your family, and your partnerships of all kinds is high on the agenda of getting things done. Remember you aren’t fixing anything, you are freeing yourself from all attachments that no longer benefit your long term plans. A lot of people will also be investing in your material goods but on a whole other level. No more cheap items, but instead quality will be of a better benefit. Don’t be surprised if you come into some extra money or you start saving money because you start to cut your expenses down. By the time this transit is over you will be smiling from ear to ear straight to the bank. $$$$$

The 5th also had Mercury entering Scorpio for a short stay however this transit isn’t for the week of heart. Deep conversations is the theme and no one will be left untouched during this time. Everyone is questioning everything at the moment whether it’s bad or good. The point is all the important questions are being asked. How you receive the answer is not what matters; the sincerity of the answers is key. Trust me when I say, you will know if it’s sincere or not. Do be mindful that you aren’t being suspicious and running with your assumptions of what could be going on. Instead allow the energy of this transit to help enlighten you on your quest of truth and authenticity. Also, be aware if you do not like the answer you are receiving, even if it is the truth, it does not mean you should be cutting anyone off or exacting revenge. This is what you need to hear in order to fully accept the reality of the dialogue going on. Not everything is about you and this transit will prove that, especially if you have expectations that are not based in reality. 

Pallas on the 8th stations direct in Pisces giving us a reality check once again. Whenever anything is happening in Pisces, we are being made aware of our reality. It has nothing to do with others' reality; just your own. What you do learn is how reality affects all of us individually and collectively since we are dreaming a big dream simultaneously. During this retrograde, what came up were things from March and on, and how these things are affecting your reality. You were pushed to make changes whether you liked it, agreed with it, or not. The point was... it wasn’t and isn’t serving your reality. Now you have a better understanding of what is happening. It would be prudent to grasp your reality and make the changes you would like to see.

Juno on the 14th makes her entrance into Capricorn until February. Here the Goddess of marriage, contracts, commitment, etc. will have us all buckling down and taking things a lot more serious. Our relationships will go under more scrutiny and whatever isn’t working will be known. Taking the proper steps to end things will occur and for those who are meant to deepen their relationships will. The old is making way for the new. Changes being made really are upgrades. Polishing up and finishing up old commitments, contracts, and responsibilities will be inspired in quiet contemplation. Remain open minded, even if it does not make sense to you or how unperceivable it might all seem. The point is to believe in the unattainable cause here is how you learn about real magic (miracles) aka the power of intention. 

On the 16th, Vesta enters Sagittarius and she is highlighting our spirituality. Collectively, we will all go through a massive awakening. Higher frequencies and vibrations will be freeing the collective mind from it’s grasp in lower vibrations and frequencies. You will no longer be able to turn a blind eye while also demanding the truth of what it all means. Individually, we will all be questioning our spirituality and deepening it as well. New philosophies, ways of finding yourself, of connecting with your soul will transpire. Those denying their enlightenment will sincerely hate this transit because the truth will be revealed. Even religions, philosophies, spirituality, and beliefs will be questioned, changed, set free, and most importantly.. the truth will be spoken. Remember, Vesta is the eternal flame and her flame will illuminate what it must. No point in getting mad, be open to the truth and the solution it offers you. 

On the 17th, Jupiter semi-square Chiron will give us an answer to a question long forgotten. Today will be a day of fast moving energy and easy distractions. The energy can lead to not knowing when you are receiving your message from the Universe. You will come to find out once you slow down. It will feel like a bucket of cold water was thrown at your face. Take a deep breath and smile, this is the moment you have been waiting for. This is your affirmation, even though it seems like it was a hard discovery. No matter the challenge or difficulty today, it was meant to happen this way in order for you to fully grasp the meaning of the answer. 

The 19th is the full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus and this eclipse will be one of the longest ones ever recorded in this century. Depending on your time zone, the eclipse will be occurring overnight and it will last close to 3 hours and 28 minutes. If you happen to be awake or find yourself not wanting to sleep, this will be why. However, being that this eclipse will be in Taurus, a majority will be sleeping the eclipse away. This won’t prevent the eclipse from showing you what you must get done. Trust me this eclipse won’t be a pretty one. It will make us all uncomfortable. We gotta keep in mind Uranus is retrograde in Taurus now, plus the other planets which are in Scorpio (the polar opposite of Taurus) still are only amplifying the uncomfortability of this eclipse. The message of this moon is to push you so far over the edge that you have no choice but to make the right choice you have been evading. Now is a time to get real and make those changes you have been avoiding. Growth is about change, not about staying how you have always been. Colors to work with would be green and black. Incorporate flowers and herbs into your ritual, use crystals of green and black colors, ground like a motherfucker, work with the deity that has been presenting themselves to you even if it scares you (you are meant to face your fear in order to free yourself of your comfort levels you keep in place), and clean your space, house, body, and mind. Detox, enjoy a massage, treat yourself to spa treatment, sleep and meditate today. Bask in the quiet even if it makes you uncomfortable; your answers are there. 

On the 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius giving us more honest communication. Conversations of all kinds will be had and quite rapidly. You might even be surprised at what is being communicated. To be honest, the conversations at this time are just the continuation of what you have been conveying. Now, it just took a more righteous turn and this is where the chaos will be. Everyone will be feeling righteous and as if only what they are saying is what matters. Many arguments will happen, and many will be offended and quite hurt with what is being said. While others will be happy to finally be speaking their truth, for this is where their freedom lies. Even if you think your truth is what the other person needed to hear, you will soon come to find out it was really the truth you needed to hear. This truth is your ticket to your reality shifting into a more honest way of seeing yourself in order to take the steps you must take. 

Lastly, on the 26th, Saturn sextiles Chiron giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the day is a perfect alignment to bond yourself to a new idea. Inspiration is everywhere today. Enjoy the liveliness of this energy for it brings the winds of change we will all be in come next month. Laugh and play today. Flirt with that cutie you have been eyeing. Make that move you have been wanting to make. Today is your day, so make it yours.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who do celebrate :-)

I am eternally grateful for those of you who do read my articles. It means everything to me. I appreciate you all :-)

September 2021 Balance and Control Is The Name of The Game

Dreams are becoming a reality now that September has arrived. Open your eyes this month so you can see how your dream is being manifested. The theme of the month is control and how you are wielding it. Now, I am a firm believer that control is an illusion, however, in recent times I am learning to change my perspective towards it. Control is the perfect tool to use in this illusion we call reality. It is beneficial in the sense that it allows you the advantage or disadvantage in any given situation. And this month does not fall short of showing its benefits. I am aware that  I am saying it is beneficial even if the control is not your advantage. You will come to see how it in fact was. You just gotta open your eyes, quiet the mind, exhale all the tension, and assess what is transpiring. 

Balance is the end goal for this month and you can attain it. However, certain steps must be taken in order for you to balance out. We start the month with a Virgo new moon on the 6th. The energy we are working with here has been ongoing since last month. It has been supplying us with awareness and attention to detail. Some people have been really motivated and productive while others are caring for themselves more attentively. The routine might have even changed for some and others have had to accept certain nuisances in regards to themselves. You see all of this is leading up to the ending of certain karmic cycles and beginning of new ones; or perhaps creation energy is being harnessed at this time. Now, this new moon in Virgo is assisting with the healing of certain aspects in your life which will help with your mental state while alleviating any stress, tension, pain, or nervousness from your body (system). It is also helping with routine, organization, communication, craftsmanship, mastery, and a more disciplined way of being. Working with this new moon is essential as it is the moon which will propel all movement forward for the rest of the year. Colors to work with are brown, green, red, silver, and white. Set your intent as precisely as you can during this new moon for today is one of the times you can be as controlled as you want while doing your magick. Do heed this warning though, if your intent is to will your will onto others or a situation do be prepared for the aftermath. 

On the 10th, Venus enters Scorpio shifting the energy from a pleasant breeze to a brooding storm on its way to land. The intensity of this energy really isn’t beneficial to anyone. Yet, we are being asked to work and process through the intensity. The darker aspects of our relationships will rear its ugly head. Now, in some instances it will be beneficial to do your best to control whatever is transpiring. At other times, you will notice others trying to control either you or a situation and within here lies the lesson. Keep in mind you are learning to control your reaction and response and you will learn not everything needs a reaction or a response. A lot of things will also come into the light during this time while conversations can and will be dark even passive aggressive at times. Just count to a thousand and remember you don’t have to engage at all. Free Will is a beautiful thing to have :-)

Mars enters Libra knocking everything out of balance on the 14th. All that hard work you were doing during Mars stay in Virgo will now be put into action. Charisma will take you far during this time and being mindful of your emotions. You can become emotionally imbalanced if you are not doing something that ignites your passion. Liberate yourself from whatever routine has you in a more docile and stagnant way of doing things. Now, is a time of action, however, not of reckless action or self serving. The action which is taking place is to benefit you in order to have more control of your day to day… Of feeling purposeful and good about your actions. If you are experiencing a challenging time at the moment, then now would be the time to stop whatever it is you are doing and ask yourself what is causing you to feel out of whack. Why are you causing conflict instead of resolving it? Trust me when I say you want to work towards resolution and diplomacy as opposed to war and destruction. What? You didn't know Libra energy can be destructive? Don’t forget, Libra is the opposite to Aries and when The Libra energy feels there is no fairness or diplomacy it will in fact implement these tactics whether you like it or not. Manipulation is a hell of a drug so do be careful you aren’t using it.  

On the 20th, Vesta enters Scorpio enhancing our need for a change in our home environment. Suspicion will be at an all time high driving everyone mad. Trust issues will be a thing, secretive behaviour will be discovered, power struggles will cause conflict, and insecurities will be out in the open. All of this MUST be addressed and healed in order to reap the blessings this transit is actually bringing us. Of course in the mix of the chaos nothing ever feels, looks, or sounds rewarding... it is instead volatile. Things happen in this way only because some refuse to let go of the toxicity. Others need to be shown what the toxicity is. The work you do with yourself and others (no matter who they are) will benefit you in the long run. It will teach you what it means to be compassionate of others and what it means when you aren’t. Choose wisely my friends. 

On this same day, we have our last full moon of the summer season. The full moon is in Pisces further enhancing the energy of the month. It’s rising the depths of emotions, enhancing intuition, delivering messages via dreams and daydreams, causing many to lose patience and control with whatever the moon brings to light. Ahh, control what a motherfucker. We all fall victim to it because we all really think we have it and own it. Control shows you the delusion you have created in order to think you have obtained it and are maintaining it. Control is sneaky that way it gives you that comfort... that sense of false security. With this here Pisces moon, it’s showing us the falsehood in which this control was created. This day can cause many to crumble in tears while running away from whatever it is causing the disharmony, imbalance, and discomfort to break you free from this illusion. Keep in mind two planets are also in retrograde motion in Pisces which is only heightening the madness. Keep grounded today. That’s all I will recommend for this moon. Grounding meditations and cleansing baths is essential with this full moon. 

On the 23rd Neptune quintile True Node. Are you ready for more discomfort? Please, don’t be disheartened. The discomfort of the day really has more to do with childhood events. The day’s energy is actually quite healing. Unfortunately, you do have to experience the discomfort of it. You won’t even know you are healing something from your childhood until you are right in the middle of its occurrence. The healing of this day will also give you a blessing which you forgot about, but has to do with your childhood wishes or dreams. Hmm, what gifts does the Universe have in store for you today and is it the only one? You will soon find out :-)

Mercury will do it’s last retrograde of the year in Libra on the 27th. Anything will happen during this time. Don’t really know how to address this transit, but I must do my best to inform. The talks, discussions, and actions during this time is more of a negotiating tactic than anything else. You are paying close attention, taking notes, forming a strategy, and jumping right into action. However, I am here to tell you all action will be stalled. You are meant to be discussing and communicating at this time. Messages, surprised visits, unexpected encounters, out of nowhere opportunities, sudden deals on things, closing of contracts, lots of resting, and quick trips are all things happening at this time. Stay grounded and fair, and do not do anything out of character for it will not be received well. Instead hold off on whatever you are working on or thinking of doing in order for it to be received well when you decide to move forward with your out of the box tactics.

Neptune quintile True Node once again on the 27th. This day can be a day of dreams. Dreamers will be stirred into action. Other dreamers will dream a new dream for this new reality they are in. Children hold the answers today so do pay close attention to them. Do something you haven’t done since you were a child and then make a wish on the brightest star you see tonight. I promise you it will come true and the time it takes won’t be long before you realize you are living in your dream. Don’t you remember you dreamed this dream as a child? Now, imagine the dream you can dream now as a more aware human being? Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Hikes during this month and baths really will help in grounding and keeping a level head. Enjoy the last of summer and the cooler days for those in the Northern Hemisphere. The time for change is here so make the most of it :-) 


A Whirlwind of Change-August 2021-Uranus Retrograde Taurus

August has arrived in a whirlwind of changes. A lot of things have been brought into focus so we can continue on with these changes. A clear picture of what is transpiring in your own individual reality was showcased last month. Now, you are being asked and prepared for the here and now of the change. Resistance this month will really complicate things... do your best to flow with the current tide. Fear will not help because you will feel the pressure of the current more. You don’t want to drown while these changes are happening. Emotions are still high; be mindful of this so you are not reacting but instead understanding. 

On August 2nd, we have Juno stationing direct in Sagittarius. Juno has been transiting Sagittarius since December of last year. All relationships have been undergoing a very in depth analysis. While in retrograde certain relationships were pushed forward in order to be released, reassessed, and/or solidified. Bonds and contracts were broken and/or healed. While new contracts and bonds were being formed and even more rooted into place. Now, with Juno direct, this ongoing theme of bonds and contracts will bring forth teachers of all kinds. Soul mates will start uniting with their soul tribe. Marriage and divorces will be in full speed. Groups will be forming while others will continue to be destroyed. Unions with like minded souls will be happening as well :-)

August 8th is the Leo new moon giving us the energy of hope and determination. The energy of this new moon is really giving us that hope that we can in fact be free to go after what we desire. Yet, it is also helping us to remain driven and hopeful in our faith that all is unfolding in the highest of good. Intentions, healing, liberation, and open mindedness will help you in your rituals today. Using the colors orange, yellow, gold, and red will amplify your work today. Focus on your sacral and solar plexus chakras in your working today also. Pet a cat or do something good for all those kitties in shelters and on the streets. The Gods will smile upon thee :-)

On the 8th, we also have the Lions Gate Portal. The energy of this alignment is powering up the new moon as well. The day adds to 3; giving us even more powerful energy to create our desires into this physical plane. If you are having a difficult day, know this is your day of liberation. You are freeing yourself from things, situations, peoples, etc that disempower you. Great healing is occurring at this time even if it does not seem or feel like a very healing day. Trust me when I say it is because it is helping with subconscious attachments that keep us from stepping into our full power. Do what you are being guided to do, be proud of you and your accomplishments and even failings, and stand tall for today is the beginning of your new path. 

The 11th we have Mercury entering Virgo changing the direction of our communication. Now, we are more slow to react and even respond because we are rationalizing our thoughts, words, and feelings. It might feel like people are cruel, judgmental, critical, apathetic, and even heartless. Perhaps a few are, but not everyone is. What is happening is resistance to what is being said. Withholding communication and information is the reality of this transit. Frustration will be high and even looking into things just to get an answer will lead some into a rabbit hole they aren’t prepared to be in. Some will have whatever answer or information and not really understand this isn’t what they think it is. Assumptions will be high during this time. 

On the 16th, Venus enters Libra making her stay at home a very comfortable one. During this transit many will be beautifying their homes, remodeling, redecorating, and or even moving into a much nicer home. Getting makeovers, changing up your beauty regime, and your grooming routine will be changed. Many will be taking better care of themselves and those they love. New beauty and style trends will be emerging at this time and even old lovers will be knocking on your door. 

The 18th we have Jupiter semi-square Chiron. The intensity of this day will be felt by all. Tensions are high, arguments will happen, not listening, speaking out of anger, and even physical altercations will happen. People still carrying rage, unhealed wounds, and repressed emotions will feel this day and forever be changed. Do yourself a favor and work through the heavy energy of the day. If you count to 100, you will be so focused on counting and you won’t feel the irritation any longer. Breath deeply and exhale loudly. Screaming and punching your pillow is highly encouraged during this time :-)

On the 19th, Uranus retrograde Taurus for the remainder of the year. Hold on tight! The changes that will happen at this time are not a personal attack on just you, but it is a world wide change. It will feel and seem like an attack on humanity and perhaps it is. However, we must learn to work through it, learn from it, and rise above whatever is making us uncomfortable. Life has changed and continues to change and within these changes there are high levels of discomfort. With this discomfort, keep in mind you are adapting while learning to adapt to a new way of living. Change can be very hard, but it does not have to be the end of the world. You can and will find the blessing during this transit. No, I am not instilling fear; I am however giving you all a heads up. Take comfort in knowing we are all in this together. We are all changing at this time.

The full moon on the 22nd is in Aquarius again. Last month we had a full moon in Aquarius and here we are having another one. This full moon is the timestamp of events that have transpired since last month’s moon. You see, either time is your worst enemy now or it's your best friend. This moon is the loud horn for everyone when it comes to time. It’s also still helping us to liberate ourselves from old patterns, attachments, and outdated view points. Now is the time of invention, reinventing, ideas, forward movement, knowledge, and just being you. Bask in this moon. Be thankful for this moon. Be thankful for community and technology, for it does have it’s blessings. Cause even those who are still resisting and refusing to let go will be rudely shaken awake with this moon and gratitude is what will come knocking for those who don’t appreciate it or have it in their heart. Colors to work with are blue, green, and white. Windchimes, clocks, and the air element will help with all rituals done today.

Lastly, we have Mercury entering Libra and what a show stopper it will be. The energy of communication picks up speed and runs the risk of falling on deaf ears. Everyone wants to be heard. Equality is the theme and debates are happening fast. Some will coward and hide. While others will step onto the soapbox in order to be heard. Keep an eye and ear on the news and politics because things are going to get ugly. People will notice and speak up about all the unfairness not only in the world but also in their own individual worlds. Be kind. Be patient. Be understanding. Don’t rush to answer especially if you believe you didn’t capture it all. Remember everyone is lost in their own minds. The answers will come; I promise :-)

Stay grounded this month and enjoy the last days of summer. The time of hibernation is near :-)


July 2021 Cancer New Moon

July 9th is the new moon in Cancer giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the moon is more about connecting, feeling, resting, and sharing with those you feel safe and secure with. Even if you find yourself alone, and not enjoying the quiet, and feeling uncomfortable it’s only because the moon is helping you to see and understand why you are feeling this uncomfortableness. The feeling must be felt and addressed so a decision can be made to make a change for the better. You don’t have to do anything alone and the moon is illuminating a path to healing. Yet, the moon is also encouraging you to take those bold steps that will make your heart soar. Break out of your comfort zone and allow your heart and vision to show you the way. 

Colors to work with are blue, gold, and purple as each individual color will help with throat chakra, serenity, and wisdom when working with blue. Gold will help to illuminate all fears to be addressed, worked through, to heal, and transmute into action and power. By power I mean empowering yourself with a new found hope for your future. Purple is the color of the mystics and royalty and this new moon is really amplifying the mysticism within you and the royalty within you as well. Combining all three will alchemize you into a calm and more enlightened person. 

Being that we have both the sun and moon in Cancer the energy of this new moon is most definitely about connections, love, magic, dreams, and psychic awareness. Those that are meant to be connected and bonded with you will materialize out of nowhere. Dreams will be very healing and connected with our mother side, maternal instincts, and our feminine side of ourselves. Love will be on everyone’s mind as the sun and moon illuminate the beautiful and romantic side of Cancer. Unexpected gifts, calls, and messages is one of the many surprises this new moon has in store. Psychic abilities will be awakened for those who have not ever tuned into it, others will feel more attuned with their psychic abilities, and some will develop a more advanced psychic awareness. 

Trust me you are not losing your mind; you are however changing into a much better version of yourself. Even if you are going through a darkness at this time you MUST go through it. This is your reminder that you have not done any SHADOW WORK and now you are being thrown to the wolves. If you want things to change then do something about it. Otherwise, this is the beginning of a very hard time in your development. You can’t continue to vibrate at a low frequency and accept things to get better and continue on with your own negativity and then cry about it because of how negative you are and that it reflects back to you. If by now you have not comprehended that your negativity is your problem you will learn it with this moon. I wish you much luck and that you actually decide to change your negative into a positive. 


May Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius 2021

The 26th is the full moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Anything goes with this moon. The truth no matter what will be revealed. Dreams will be profound. Going after what you want at all costs is inevitable. Passion is ignited and so are your desires. There’s nothing that can come between you and your desires. Saddle up! For your time is now! Candle colors to use during this lunar eclipse are burgundy and purple. Set your intentions high because you won’t miss.

Be forewarned the intensity of this eclipse won’t go unnoticed. Triggers will happen in order to give you a more profound understanding of the healing that is occurring. Choices will materialize for some, while others will be walking away, and others will be starting anew where they least expected it. Lucky turn of events will happen for some, others might have an unlucky series of events but yet how unlucky is it, really? 

Meanwhile, others will wake up with a sudden burst of motivation to get shit done. Epiphanies are a given, out of nowhere communication, dreams with direction, and clarification are all energies many will be working with and receiving. Abundance is happening, spiritual alignment is transpiring, divine timing is present, and knowing you are one with the Universe empowers all magik done during this total lunar eclipse. Aim your arrow. You will make your mark :-)