The Signs

The Cardinals signs:
1) Aries=Natural born leader.
2) Cancer= A understanding leader.
3) Libra=A fair leader.
4) Capricorn: Wisest of leaders.

The Fixed Signs:
1)Taurus= Handles your home and finances.
2)Leo= Corrects the drama in your life.
3)Scorpio= Corrects or enhances your fear of love.
4)Aquarius= Corrects your normalness and rigidity.

The Mutable Signs:
1)Gemini= Will NOT adapt to you; you must adapt to them.
2)Virgo= Will adapt only if there is reason and no emotional nonsense.
3)Sagittarius= Will adapt to you but they DEMAND the same from you.
4)Pisces= Will be ONE with you; don’t make them regret it though….