A Whirlwind of Change-August 2021-Uranus Retrograde Taurus

August has arrived in a whirlwind of changes. A lot of things have been brought into focus so we can continue on with these changes. A clear picture of what is transpiring in your own individual reality was showcased last month. Now, you are being asked and prepared for the here and now of the change. Resistance this month will really complicate things... do your best to flow with the current tide. Fear will not help because you will feel the pressure of the current more. You don’t want to drown while these changes are happening. Emotions are still high; be mindful of this so you are not reacting but instead understanding. 

On August 2nd, we have Juno stationing direct in Sagittarius. Juno has been transiting Sagittarius since December of last year. All relationships have been undergoing a very in depth analysis. While in retrograde certain relationships were pushed forward in order to be released, reassessed, and/or solidified. Bonds and contracts were broken and/or healed. While new contracts and bonds were being formed and even more rooted into place. Now, with Juno direct, this ongoing theme of bonds and contracts will bring forth teachers of all kinds. Soul mates will start uniting with their soul tribe. Marriage and divorces will be in full speed. Groups will be forming while others will continue to be destroyed. Unions with like minded souls will be happening as well :-)

August 8th is the Leo new moon giving us the energy of hope and determination. The energy of this new moon is really giving us that hope that we can in fact be free to go after what we desire. Yet, it is also helping us to remain driven and hopeful in our faith that all is unfolding in the highest of good. Intentions, healing, liberation, and open mindedness will help you in your rituals today. Using the colors orange, yellow, gold, and red will amplify your work today. Focus on your sacral and solar plexus chakras in your working today also. Pet a cat or do something good for all those kitties in shelters and on the streets. The Gods will smile upon thee :-)

On the 8th, we also have the Lions Gate Portal. The energy of this alignment is powering up the new moon as well. The day adds to 3; giving us even more powerful energy to create our desires into this physical plane. If you are having a difficult day, know this is your day of liberation. You are freeing yourself from things, situations, peoples, etc that disempower you. Great healing is occurring at this time even if it does not seem or feel like a very healing day. Trust me when I say it is because it is helping with subconscious attachments that keep us from stepping into our full power. Do what you are being guided to do, be proud of you and your accomplishments and even failings, and stand tall for today is the beginning of your new path. 

The 11th we have Mercury entering Virgo changing the direction of our communication. Now, we are more slow to react and even respond because we are rationalizing our thoughts, words, and feelings. It might feel like people are cruel, judgmental, critical, apathetic, and even heartless. Perhaps a few are, but not everyone is. What is happening is resistance to what is being said. Withholding communication and information is the reality of this transit. Frustration will be high and even looking into things just to get an answer will lead some into a rabbit hole they aren’t prepared to be in. Some will have whatever answer or information and not really understand this isn’t what they think it is. Assumptions will be high during this time. 

On the 16th, Venus enters Libra making her stay at home a very comfortable one. During this transit many will be beautifying their homes, remodeling, redecorating, and or even moving into a much nicer home. Getting makeovers, changing up your beauty regime, and your grooming routine will be changed. Many will be taking better care of themselves and those they love. New beauty and style trends will be emerging at this time and even old lovers will be knocking on your door. 

The 18th we have Jupiter semi-square Chiron. The intensity of this day will be felt by all. Tensions are high, arguments will happen, not listening, speaking out of anger, and even physical altercations will happen. People still carrying rage, unhealed wounds, and repressed emotions will feel this day and forever be changed. Do yourself a favor and work through the heavy energy of the day. If you count to 100, you will be so focused on counting and you won’t feel the irritation any longer. Breath deeply and exhale loudly. Screaming and punching your pillow is highly encouraged during this time :-)

On the 19th, Uranus retrograde Taurus for the remainder of the year. Hold on tight! The changes that will happen at this time are not a personal attack on just you, but it is a world wide change. It will feel and seem like an attack on humanity and perhaps it is. However, we must learn to work through it, learn from it, and rise above whatever is making us uncomfortable. Life has changed and continues to change and within these changes there are high levels of discomfort. With this discomfort, keep in mind you are adapting while learning to adapt to a new way of living. Change can be very hard, but it does not have to be the end of the world. You can and will find the blessing during this transit. No, I am not instilling fear; I am however giving you all a heads up. Take comfort in knowing we are all in this together. We are all changing at this time.

The full moon on the 22nd is in Aquarius again. Last month we had a full moon in Aquarius and here we are having another one. This full moon is the timestamp of events that have transpired since last month’s moon. You see, either time is your worst enemy now or it's your best friend. This moon is the loud horn for everyone when it comes to time. It’s also still helping us to liberate ourselves from old patterns, attachments, and outdated view points. Now is the time of invention, reinventing, ideas, forward movement, knowledge, and just being you. Bask in this moon. Be thankful for this moon. Be thankful for community and technology, for it does have it’s blessings. Cause even those who are still resisting and refusing to let go will be rudely shaken awake with this moon and gratitude is what will come knocking for those who don’t appreciate it or have it in their heart. Colors to work with are blue, green, and white. Windchimes, clocks, and the air element will help with all rituals done today.

Lastly, we have Mercury entering Libra and what a show stopper it will be. The energy of communication picks up speed and runs the risk of falling on deaf ears. Everyone wants to be heard. Equality is the theme and debates are happening fast. Some will coward and hide. While others will step onto the soapbox in order to be heard. Keep an eye and ear on the news and politics because things are going to get ugly. People will notice and speak up about all the unfairness not only in the world but also in their own individual worlds. Be kind. Be patient. Be understanding. Don’t rush to answer especially if you believe you didn’t capture it all. Remember everyone is lost in their own minds. The answers will come; I promise :-)

Stay grounded this month and enjoy the last days of summer. The time of hibernation is near :-)