July 2021 Cancer New Moon

July 9th is the new moon in Cancer giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the moon is more about connecting, feeling, resting, and sharing with those you feel safe and secure with. Even if you find yourself alone, and not enjoying the quiet, and feeling uncomfortable it’s only because the moon is helping you to see and understand why you are feeling this uncomfortableness. The feeling must be felt and addressed so a decision can be made to make a change for the better. You don’t have to do anything alone and the moon is illuminating a path to healing. Yet, the moon is also encouraging you to take those bold steps that will make your heart soar. Break out of your comfort zone and allow your heart and vision to show you the way. 

Colors to work with are blue, gold, and purple as each individual color will help with throat chakra, serenity, and wisdom when working with blue. Gold will help to illuminate all fears to be addressed, worked through, to heal, and transmute into action and power. By power I mean empowering yourself with a new found hope for your future. Purple is the color of the mystics and royalty and this new moon is really amplifying the mysticism within you and the royalty within you as well. Combining all three will alchemize you into a calm and more enlightened person. 

Being that we have both the sun and moon in Cancer the energy of this new moon is most definitely about connections, love, magic, dreams, and psychic awareness. Those that are meant to be connected and bonded with you will materialize out of nowhere. Dreams will be very healing and connected with our mother side, maternal instincts, and our feminine side of ourselves. Love will be on everyone’s mind as the sun and moon illuminate the beautiful and romantic side of Cancer. Unexpected gifts, calls, and messages is one of the many surprises this new moon has in store. Psychic abilities will be awakened for those who have not ever tuned into it, others will feel more attuned with their psychic abilities, and some will develop a more advanced psychic awareness. 

Trust me you are not losing your mind; you are however changing into a much better version of yourself. Even if you are going through a darkness at this time you MUST go through it. This is your reminder that you have not done any SHADOW WORK and now you are being thrown to the wolves. If you want things to change then do something about it. Otherwise, this is the beginning of a very hard time in your development. You can’t continue to vibrate at a low frequency and accept things to get better and continue on with your own negativity and then cry about it because of how negative you are and that it reflects back to you. If by now you have not comprehended that your negativity is your problem you will learn it with this moon. I wish you much luck and that you actually decide to change your negative into a positive.