July Flaming The Heat of Transmutation 2021

July is bringing the flames of renewal or destruction. The choice is yours, my friends. Recall we have four major planets retrograding as well as one asteroid (Juno). This month we will have two more asteroids joining in on the fun. There won’t be anything quiet about July. It will however have everyone’s emotions running high. Taking things personal, projecting onto others, outbursts of anger, envy, and jealousy are all major hurdles that must be addressed and taken care of. This month is also about acquiring abundance, freedom, dharma, and all of life’s miracles. Brace yourself; shall we and let us walk through the flames of change. 

On July 3rd, Jupiter quintile Uranus ushering in a turning point on an uncomfortable truth. This new perspective will give you hope and insight on a matter you thought would never change or come to be. Optimism and a clear view is Jupiter’s gift to us all when it comes to taking matters into your own hands. No more feeling stuck or negative because now you see what you couldn’t see before. Smile, this is a favorable day. Even if it seems negative at the moment, you will come to see in the coming days how it was a favorable experience after all. 

July 9th is the new moon in Cancer giving us a much needed respite. The energy of the moon is more about connecting, feeling, resting, and sharing with those you feel safe and secure with. Even if you find yourself alone, and not enjoying the quiet, and feeling uncomfortable; it’s only because the moon is helping you to see and understand why you are feeling this uncomfortableness. The feeling must be felt and addressed so a decision can be made to make a change for the better. You don’t have to do anything alone and the moon is illuminating a path to healing. Yet, the moon is also encouraging you to take those bold steps that will make your heart soar. Break out of your comfort zone and allow your heart and vision to show you the way. 

On the 11th, Mercury enters Cancer until the 26th allowing himself to rest for a bit. The mercurian energy likes the homey feeling of Cancer, but only for a short period of time. Frustration can lead to confrontation and emotional outbursts that have been long hidden or repressed. Wanting to express our feelings and thoughts is the agenda throughout this transit. Curiosity can actually be your biggest ally as it will help you to express yourself in a more fun and mindful way. Dreams will be weird in the sense that you will remember what you hear and even hear what you heard. This will be affirmed in real time. No, you are not losing your mind, you are experiencing your dream in real time.  

On the 14th, Pallas retrograde Pisces think back to March and recall what area in your life was being highlighted for a new course of action. At the time we were being shown how we could improve our plans or come up with a new plan. Now, Pallas joins Jupiter and Neptune in the retrograde waltz. What is being shown is the action that was taken when Pallas first started it’s transit in Pisces. The time for strategy and planning has been over and a fine combing is being done instead. If the plan isn’t a feasible one, it’s only because you aren’t seeing the depths of the big picture. Doing things hastily is a big NO. Instead be in the energy of astuteness for this will help you to get where you want to be. Taking no action will leave you in lala-land with a feeling of hopelessness. 

On the 15th, Chiron retrograde Aries until December 19th. Healing of the grandest of levels will be occurring. Healers will emerge with more profound abilities and some healers will retrieve for more personal growth. Healing on a cellular level will change everything in your life. From your thought process to the way you deliver your words will now take on a whole new meaning. Even if you find yourself projecting, spewing anger, and crying at a moment’s notice; this all helps you to finally release all the wounds you have been holding onto that has prevented your growth. You will feel lighter and more compassionate with yourself and others. 

Vesta enters Libra on July 19th until September 19th supplying tranquil energy for major relationship shifts. Commitment and dedication is on the mind while re-evaluating your own commitments. Taking our time during this period is the perfect state to be in. Decisions made at this time will help ease the mind into a peaceful state. While in this peaceful state, the road to change is unfolding. Trust in the change happening because it is bringing you to a road you least expected. The road is aflamed you just have to walk towards it. 

On the 21st, Venus enters Virgo until August 15th giving us more energy to re-evaluate your relationships. Now, everything and everyone is being scrutinized only because we are being pushed into this state of being. Those difficult questions you always wanted to ask will now be asked. However, you will realize that there was nothing negative in the response or answer; it was always in the asking. Fear will be overcome with this transit and a new sense of confidence will be gained. In doing so it allows for those commitments to come in. 

The 23rd is the full moon in Aquarius giving us more healing energy to liberate ourselves from burdensome wounds. This moon is reminding me of when birds are ready to leave the nest. Once they jump they never go back, but instead they find their own nest. For the birds have all they need in order to live in the massive world we live in. The time couldn’t be more perfect than it is with this moon’s energy. You will notice that it even feels like a longer day and night than usual. Time has slowed down or all together stopped. Working with clocks, watches, or hourglasses will be the most magical thing you do with this Aquarius full moon. Now is not the time to think you are running out of time or have no more time however it is a time to think that you have all the time that you require for the movement you are making. When you do notice the time you will see it’s in triple numbers. 

On the 27th, Mercury enters Leo until August 10th now giving us the energy to speak even more boldly what we desire, want, feel, and think. There is no holding back because our confidence level is now high. Yes, being self centered can be an issue yet this is showing us our lack of confidence in the way others might feel or view us. We are hoping to be our best in order to gain what we desire. However, being less forceful will ease what you are hoping to accomplish. Relax, breathe, and be cordial for you are guaranteed to gain that which you desire. 

Jupiter shifts it’s retrograde into Aquarius on the 28th until the 18th of October where it will remain for the rest of it’s transit. Now that Jupiter has left Aquarius we can now focus on gaining even more knowledge and the freedom to make the changes we saw while Jupiter was in Pisces. You see Jupiter is giving us the time to catch up with ourselves before it returns back into Pisces at the end of the year. For once it is there and it will be there for a year. We will be living out what we saw while it was in Pisces for that short period of time. Ideas, inspiration, innovation, and determination is what Jupiter is handing us now that it is back in Aquarius. Taking action now is not a bad thing; it is in fact a very good thing. The unexpected twists and turns are our friends throughout this period. 

Mars enters Virgo on the 29th until September 13th. Things will seem to slow down a bit and even people seem to be nicer. Now is a time to savor all the hard work of this month; you will have noticed you are in a different position than when the month first started. Your bravery has led you to the perfect position to implement what you couldn’t do before. Patience is your strength in solitude while things are taking place. You will notice everything is falling into place while giving you the space to watch it all unfold in the most perfect of ways. You could have not written it better or done it better yourself. When you let your heart do the leading, your mind falls into place with the beat of your tranquil and grateful heart. 

Lastly, Ceres enters Gemini on the 31st until October 7th giving us a childlike wonder when it comes to nurturing ourselves and others. Many will be healing deep mother wounds from this life and past lives. Some might even get pregnant at this time and others will be deepening their bond with their children. Compassion, change, and liberation of the female aspect in all of us is the deliverance we all have been waiting for. As we heal, we allow a more nurturing love to fulfill us. Damaging behaviors that kept us in a victim mentality will now be healed. Love is the answer at this time and love is what you will be receiving at this time. Remember you are a beacon of light; so, why not utilize it and be the light. 

The heat of this month is setting the stage for next month. Keep cool and level headed.